Increase buyer confidence with content that speaks their language. DIGIDECK AI Assist takes the guesswork out of finding the right words so you can spend less time writing and more time wowing your audience.

Let AI + DIGIDECK Do the Heavy Lifting

B2B sellers spend only 36% of their time actually selling with the remaining 64% spent customizing their content, creating new content and prepping presentations. DIGIDECK AI Assist helps tailor your presentations to their intended audience, enhancing your content in a way that stands out from the generic messages they’re tired of seeing. Its narrative generator can get you started on an eye-catching headline or begin brainstorming how to position your product or service in a more audience-specific way.

Need to Recap Those Important Meeting Notes in a More Manageable Format?

DIGIDECK AI Assist can help summarize your meeting notes into a clear and concise overview or help create a list of major pain points to discuss at a later time. A simple outline created through AI combined with DIGIDECK’s engaging designs can enforces a prompt follow-up and shows your attention to detail.

Get from Draft to Done Faster

Not Satisfied with What You’ve Got?

DIGIDECK AI Assist can instantly re-write your current content using a list of modifiers such as tone of voice or desired length as many times as it takes to find exactly what you’re looking for, creating a message that is sure to resonate with your audience.


You’re struggling to create content that resonates with your audience and captures their attention. Content creation has become a time-consuming and resource-intensive task so finding a more efficient and effective content creation process is key.


DIGIDECK AI Assist can help generate new content ideas to get you started or rewrite your existing content to work for multiple audiences. This feature is just another way DIGIDECK helps your brand win with unique and outstanding content.


Studies show that 78% of the time, a buyer purchases from the first company to respond to their inquiry. You can’t expect your sales teams to work around the clock, so it is important to examine what systems or programs you have in place to handle outreach for you. Don’t have a solution to handle inquiries 24 hours a day?


DIGIDECK Capture uses an online form to deliver personalized content based on selected answers. In a few minutes, a polished presentation full of pertinent information lands in your prospect’s inbox automatically. Not only do they immediately have exactly what they need to keep moving in their buyer journey, your sales team can review their answers and optimize DIGIDECK AI Assist to help craft a better follow-up.


DIGIDECK LIVE sends instant email alerts as soon as your presentation is opened, prompting you to engage with your prospect via chat or video-conference from right within the platform. 

Save Time and Energy with
Easy Integrations

Quit jumping from program to program to gather necessary prospect and customer information. Once integrated, DIGIDECK becomes a single source of truth, streamlining your sales process for your entire team of sellers.

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