Are you tired of the same old approach to sales presentations? We think it’s time to move forward with better presentations, improved processes and sales tactics that actually work. DIGIDECK presentations help you take the first step.

Build Beautifully-Branded Presentations With Just A Few Clicks

DIGIDECK presentations are built with Marketing-approved content, thus reducing the amount of downtime and inter-departmental frustrations. Additionally, having readily available slides filled with high resolution images, videos and content helps Sales get their prospects what they’re looking for in minutes.

  • Sales has the ability to edit and customize without risking the overall look and functionality
  • All content is available 24/7 – no more waiting on specific slides or information

Engage Your Audience Faster With
Content They Actually Want To See

There’s nothing worse than watching your prospects lose interest in your presentations. Luckily, DIGIDECK brings your content to life with its dynamic and interactive features. Audiences can’t help but keep watching to see what’s next.

  • Make it interesting with unlimited multimedia (images, videos, infographics – the options are endless)
  • Showcase your own creative content in unique ways with animations, flip boxes and pop-ups, to name a few
  • Get notified as soon as your prospect opens your presentation

Get Better Results With Less Work

Besides lackluster presentations, where could your sales process benefit from some improvements? Rather than guess what’s working and what’s not, let DIGIDECK’s analytics tell you.

  • Easily integrate with your current CRM to keep all your analytics in one place
  • Zero in on content that resonates by seeing where they’re spending the most time
  • Manage your team’s expectations with weekly, monthly or quarterly reports


There are many great ways to utilize DIGIDECK. Our partners have found success in using DIGIDECK’s platform for . . .

Sales Solutions

Move forward with better presentations, improved processes and sales tactics that actually work.
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Marketing Solutions

Better support your company’s sales efforts through smoother collaborations, enhanced personalization and 24/7 outreach
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Sports Solutions

Bring game day to life any time of the year with engaging and electrifying DIGIDECK presentations for Sponsorship, Ticketing and Hospitality teams alike.
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“Life before DIGIDECK was a little
boring and flat.”

“With other presentation platforms, the presentations were not really jumping off the page. Not everyone is able to come in person and visit US Bank Stadium so one of our favorite features is the ability to use video to bring our spaces to life.”
–Ann Dunne, U.S. Bank Stadium, Assistant General Manager

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