Slide Level Security


The Digideck now offers Slide Level Security. We’ve given sales and marketing complete control over their content by disabling the ability for others to edit slides. With the single click of a button, you have the ability to lock down any slides that should not be edited or altered.

Take advantage of either Deck Level Security or Slide Level Security and create your own User Groups and Organization Admin Groups.

Here are four great use cases for Slide Level Security …

  1. Controlling the Brand and Message Across a Full Sales Team. With the Digideck, there is no need to worry about different members of your team using different talking points. Everyone will have access to the same content – and you can decide to disable their ability to edit that content.
  2. Regulatory Environments. Companies in industries such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and financial services work within strict regulatory guidelines around the information that they can share. Whether it be patient data or financial information … the ability to control a reps’ content helps eliminate security concerns on the regulatory front.
  3. Independent Sales Reps. Many Digideck clients have a significant amount of independent sales reps who don’t work directly for their company. Now they are able to fully control what products those independent reps show and how they sell them.
  4. Different Roles. Team members with different role types or initiatives, or who employ different sales processes often require various levels of customization or leeway editing their presentations. Likewise, you can choose to allow senior team members more freedom to customize their presentations.