You Asked, We Listened! Introducing PowerPoint Add-In!

Working with over 350+ organizations and providing best-practices for sales pitches to our clients, we’re excited to announce we have now launched our new PowerPoint add-in feature making presentation creation more efficient than ever. We’ve heard over and over when onboarding new partners and meeting with prospects, that they would like the ability to upload their current PowerPoint presentations and assets directly into Digideck to make a seamless transition to the new platform.

So What Exactly Does This Mean?

1.  Digideck users are now able to easily insert their favorite PowerPoint slides directly into a Presentation or Master Deck with our free Digideck add-in from the Microsoft Add-in Store.

2. Users can insert slide content directly into Digideck as a static image slide, or simply into the image library to be inserted anywhere as an image.

3. For those who use PowerPoint for creative needs when building charts or graphics, the transition to Digideck will be easier than ever with this new feature.

Want to learn more? Request your demo today! If you are already a Digideck user, simply login to the Digideck platform to view our tutorial and get started today.