Building Better Digital Strategy Pitches For The M+E Industry

Digital integrations in the M+E space need a strong pitch. Knowing your audience is key.

Digital Transformations in M+E are on the rise as OTT services gain steam. Companies feel the need for new tech across the board, but, pitching new tech to a team, boss, or boardroom is difficult. With only 28% of C-Level jobs postings requiring “Digital Technology” knowledge, the digital literacy of boardrooms makes proposals an uphill battle.

M+E Pitches: Finding the "Why"

Often, Media and Entertainment proposals get so invested in “what” they’re pitching, they forget about the “why.” Without an easy-to-understand problem, Digital Transformations have no legs.

What do you notice about Pixar’s Film titles? Toy Story. Cars. Up. They’re catchy, and they’re simple. Surely, your “why” won’t be as short as “Revenue,” but you can find the simplest version.

To find the simplest reason for digital integration, ask “why” five times

The 5 Whys help your M+E pitch state your problem

3 Pillars of Good Proposals

Whether it’s pitching new naming conventions or cloud computing, digital integration presentations need specific appeals:

Credibility — Buzzfeed vs. NYT
Audience Connection — Addressing the audience’s wants + needs
Logic + Stats — Convincing facts + figures

Audience Connection

Before digging into the facts + figures answer these questions:

  • Who will make the decision?
  • Do they expect a cost/benefit analysis?
  • What are their priorities in business?
  • What do they want professionally/personally?

Then, frame the next most important question: “What objections is this proposal likely to get?”

Knowing Your M+E Audience: Where and When?

  • Meeting scheduling service When Is Good found people are most flexible at 3 PM.
  • Monday = the worst day to pitch new ideas. Tuesdays are best.
  • Forbes found that viewers retain 9.5x of a message when they can see and hear you (in-person or in an app), compared to text alone.

How You're Seen and How To Change It (If Necessary)

Charisma. Clout. Tenure. Credibility.

Is the presenter considered a go-getter? A maverick? A rogue?

No matter the case, anyone can boost credibility through collaboration. Studies show that a team, board, boss, or C-Suite are more open to ideas if they feel they can participate early in the process.

Presenting to Impress

Especially so for the Media and Entertainment Industry, a pitch for tech integration that isn’t tech-savvy is a credibility killer.

Best-In-Class Presentations

Digideck uses real-time analytics to find the most effective slides in a presentation, all built within a Master Deck that’s always engaging, on-brand, and consistent.

Browse our Work page to see our most successful client decks.

M+E Digital Strategy: Becoming An Expert

Ultimately, the best way to get a “yes” to your presentation is becoming a subject matter expert. To get there, “stand on the shoulders of giants.” — don’t start from scratch.

  • Use trade publications, databases, quoting experts from the Media and Entertainment Industry. (We like
  • Building out a one-pager is a helpful way to reiterate the research and give a professional touch that gives the audience something they can take with them.

Our client’s most successful digital integration pitches are led by people that lean on the knowledge and expertise of others early and often. Chatting with marketing for branding needs, the sales team + CRM experts for Salesforce integrations, and IT to make sure they had support on every front.

Presentations with the highest ROIs mix style with substance — visuals like these build a more convincing case:

Companies that focus on these six keys can make their strategies 2.7x more successful:

Your digital integration pitch might fall short if you miss out on these six factors

Updating Your Tech Stack With Digideck

Convincing your C-Suite to undergo a digital transformation requires an updated tech stack—usually across the board. Regardless of where you want to implement, your solution should work across your organization.

Digideck is a sales and marketing platform with CRM integration, cloud storage, video, document, file, and interactive content integration.

Our 21st-century marketing and sales presentations are:

  • Professionally branded
  • Customerfocused
  • Effortless—put custom pitches together in a matter of minutes.
  • Seamless—easily add videos, links, documents, and contracts, and present via video chat all in one platform.
  • Cloud-Based—Integrate your entire media library, without sacrificing speed or storage

Looking for more? Check out this case study. Tracking Data + insights to improve their pitches helped game1 succeed in the Media and Entertainment space.

When we're out pitching to television networks and movie studios and the reaction we get when we send a Digideck is always "Wow". It's allowed us to close deals more quickly.



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