Limitless Possibilities with Digideck’s Web-Based Integrations

Digideck Integrations

Create better sales and customer experiences with integrated, connected technology

There is no limit to the possibilities of Digideck and our technology partners to create better and more efficient experiences for their customers. Digideck’s open API and web-based format has unlocked the platform to the creativity and functionality of other web-based technology solutions. We are not setting out to be your next CRM such as Salesforce or your next design tool such as Canva, but we are set on giving our users the power to use those platforms within Digideck.

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular integrations being used by Digideck users today.

Digideck and Salesforce Integration

Salesforce & Pardot

Salesforce is the one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) platforms in the world paired with a marketing automation tool in Pardot. The integration with Digideck is offering the ability to create more personalized experiences for customers with the analytics to track full funnel buying journeys. Digideck users are building dynamic, brand-specific Digideck presentations in Salesforce that are pre-configured based on relevant data for specific opportunities – all at the click of a button with customer data synced from Salesforce and Pardot.


Canva offers a web-based platform that allows anyone to design anything and publish it everywhere – regardless of design skills. Millions of images, photo filters, icons & shapes and hundreds of fonts have opened up a new level of creative design – all in the cloud. The integration into Digideck has given users the ability to take advantage of this design technology to create dynamic images and more for their decks right from within the Digideck platform.

Digideck and Canva Integration
Digideck and Hubspot Integration


An industry leading CRM popular with sales teams along with marketing automation technology that has changed the game for marketers. The ability to embed lead generation forms into a deck, create personalized presentations from synced CRM data, and gather key analytics from presentation interactions has made this Digideck integration popular with sales and marketing revenue teams. 


Gong has quickly gained popularity as a platform to capture customer interactions, understand what is being said in those interactions, and deliver real-time insights that help customers win more deals. Coupled with Digideck Live, users will be able to record their Live sessions within the Digideck platform, instantaneously sync that recording to their Gong account, and utilize all the functionality that has made Gong so popular. Read More

Digideck and Gong Integration


Bynder’s digital asset management platform enables teams to collaborate in the cloud, get content to market faster, and maximize the impact of marketing assets. While Digideck has its own built-in asset management system, this integration makes it easy for teams already set up in Bynder to start using Digideck. All Bynder assets are easily accessible and used from within the Digideck platform.


Marketo is a marketing automation platform that offers tools aimed at demand generation and customer engagement across every stage of the customer journey. Paired with Digideck’s full funnel capabilities Marketo and Digideck users can provide the right content, messaging, and communication at the right time engaging customers throughout the selling funnel. Form integration, analytics, and personalized deck content make demand generation seamless between the two technologies.

Digideck and Microsoft Integration

Microsoft Dymanics

Microsoft Dynamics has long been a popular technology in the CRM space and has expanded capabilities as an ERP application. With the Digideck integration Digideck users can expand personalization of decks with synced data from Dynamics to create a custom buying experience for prospects.

These are just a few of the integrations that are expanding the way Digideck users are engaging with customers and prospects. Being web-based opens up many avenues of possibility to expand how users use the Digideck platform.

Have an integration you’d like to see with Digideck? Let us know!



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