Stop waiting so long to close your deals. Let your team sell more, prepare less, and buyers engage consistently – without ever leaving their presentations.

Seamlessly Increase Engagement

DIGIDECK LIVE allows sellers and buyers to consistently interact in one platform.


  • Communicate via video conference or chat while sharing high-quality media
  • Add a DIGIDECK LIVE video link to a meeting invite in your calendar
  • Launch cloud-based presentation from an email notification


  • Talk with the seller anytime without leaving the presentation
  • View and engage in presentations on any device
  • Share presentations with anyone using one link

Virtual Sales

Make Better Connections

In this stage of the buyer’s journey, one of the most important things is to increase engagement between your buyers and sellers. Since DIGIDECK LIVE allows your sellers to communicate directly with buyers at their convenience, your team will be able to boost engagement and book more meetings.


Why You Aren’t Closing Deals Faster:
Whether it’s “I am waiting to hear back” or “they weren’t available until next month,” you know this kind of communication slows down the sales cycle.


Simplify Sellers’ Solutions:
Allow your sellers to focus more of their time and energy building relationships and not be concerned with using multiple communication and sales tools to chase down their buyers.

“Being able to talk to
a Fortune 500 CMO
would’ve taken months.”

Thanks to DIGIDECK LIVE, Sales Director Michael Gaio was able to have an impromptu conversation with a Fortune 500 CMO. A few days later, he was closing the deal with decision-makers instead of wasting hours trying to track them down.

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