2024 Venue Trends & How To Integrate Them Effectively

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The sports and entertainment venue industry is on the cusp of a revolution as we head into 2024 with renewed energy. This transformation is driven by several key trends, each playing a crucial role in redefining how these venues operate, engage audiences, and drive revenue.

From the rise of smart venues to the integration of AI in event planning, the landscape is rapidly evolving. Dive deep into these market trends, learning actionable takeaways for venue leadership and sales teams on how to stay ahead of the curve:

1.) Digital Transformation and Smart Venues

  High-Tech Revenue Hubs  

The transformation of stadiums and arenas into “smart” venues marks a significant shift in the sports and entertainment industry. These venues are no longer just physical spaces but high-tech hubs that enhance fan experiences and streamline operations.

The integration of digital technologies such as augmented and virtual reality make any experience possible for fans and partners alike. Venue’s social media platforms drive enhanced interaction while mobile apps provide real-time information on various amenities like parking and seating for visitors ahead of “game day”.

  The Market Outlook  

The smart venue market is poised for substantial growth. By 2024, it is expected to reach a value of $15 billion, offering numerous opportunities for venues to create engaging and interactive experiences for fans. This growth is fueled by increasing demands from audiences for immersive and technologically advanced environments that enhance their event experience.

  Leveraging DIGIDECK for Smart Venue Presentations  

DIGIDECK’s capabilities are perfectly aligned to showcase this digital-first approach with interactive and multimedia-rich features that effectively demonstrate how your venue leverages smart technologies to create memorable experiences.

2.) Performance Analytics

  Data-Driven Insights for Competitive Edge  

The use of performance analytics across sports and entertainment venues is on the rise. These tools, which include video and motion analytics, wearable sensors, and smart clothing, provide valuable data for coaches and teams on how to optimize performance and maximize impact.

  Rising Demand for Advanced Analytics  

The demand for advanced technologies is growing among clients who value data-driven insights. Data and large data sets provide objective information teams can glean insights from about how to maximize profits and productivity.

  Showcasing Analytics with DIGIDECK  

With DIGIDECK, venues are able to send immersive, trackable presentations and proposals to prospects in minutes while tracking everything interaction along the way. With back-end analytics, DIGIDECK shows where audiences spend the most time within your presentations, for how long, all while providing actionable feedback on what to follow up with.

3.) Fan Engagement Technologies

  Deepening Connections with Innovative Solutions  

Fan engagement is essential for maintaining loyalty with venues. Technologies like Blockchain, AI-powered smart chatbots, and other immersive solutions like live event holograms are significantly enhancing fan engagement while helping venues stand out among their competition.

  Enhancing the In-Venue Experience  

In addition to the traditional fan experience, venues are now exploring ways to engage fans both in the venue and at home. This includes leveraging digital collectibles and in-venue connectables, which offer fans a more personalized and immersive experience from the day of their visit all the way to the moment they get home at night.

  DIGIDECK's Role in Fan Engagement  

With DIGIDECK, you can engage fans both in your venue and while they’re at home with cohesive, branded content that shows you’ve listened to their unique needs and desires.

Your relationship with fans never stops – send important information and engage your loyal audiences with DIGIDECK presentations throughout the entire calendar year effectively staying top-of-mind while also taking a bold approach that will be appreciated.

4.) AI in Meetings and Events

  Transforming Event Management with AI  

The integration of AI in event planning and operations is becoming increasingly significant. Tools like ChatGPT aid in everything from event design to engagement strategies all in a matter of minutes or seconds.

  AI’s Growing Role in Personalization and Efficiency  

AI’s capabilities in analyzing data, predicting attendee preferences, and automating various aspects of event management make it a valuable resource for venues looking to offer cutting-edge event experiences without hiring extra team members. This trend is set to redefine how events are planned, executed, and experienced for years to come.

  Utilizing DIGIDECK for AI-Driven Presentations  

DIGIDECK’s AI Assist tool offers the same technology of ChatGPT directly in every presentation. This gives venues a way to quickly create relevant content using easy prompts to produce what they need directly in their slide(s). Additionally, AI Assist can summarize large data sets while providing easily digestible takeaways venues can lean into for better storytelling across the board.

5.) Cashless Payment Options

  Accelerating Towards a Cashless Future  

The shift towards cashless payment systems in venues is a rapidly emerging trend, changing the way transactions are carried out. This move aligns with broader digital transformation trends across industries that focus on enhancing customer convenience and security. With an increasing number of venues adopting cashless policies, the expectation for major events like the Super Bowl to go fully cashless by 2025 is a very realistic possibility

  Benefits of Going Cashless  

The advantages of cashless venues are numerous. Faster transaction times, reduced queues, increased spending per capita, and enhanced security by minimizing cash handling are just a few of the benefits of going cashless. This transition also opens up new opportunities for data collection and analytics, allowing venues to understand and cater to customer preferences better. The use of technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication), RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), and biometric systems for payments and identity verification further streamline the customer experience, making transactions more efficient and secure by nature.

  DIGIDECK's Role in Highlighting Cashless Systems  

With DIGIDECK, venues can effectively demonstrate their advanced cashless systems with real results and statistics that show its impact. This can be a major selling point for tech-savvy clients who value innovation and wish to align with brands who share their approach. The ability to showcase how these systems work, their benefits, and how they integrate into the overall venue succinctly gives audiences an easy-to-understand way to engage with your values.

6.) Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

  Embracing Eco-Friendly Practices  

The growing global emphasis on sustainability and environmental responsibility is significantly influencing consumer preferences and business operations. Venues are increasingly expected to demonstrate their commitment to eco-friendly practices, whether through energy-efficient infrastructure, waste reduction programs, or sustainable sourcing policies. Showcasing a venue’s green initiatives can attract brands who prioritize environmental consciousness and will ensure your partners are fundamentally aligned with your values.

  Sustainability in Sales Presentations  

DIGIDECK’s immersive, trackable presentations fit perfectly into the vision of venues who take an eco-friendly approach. Using custom presentations and proposals to drive revenue all season long produces zero in printing waste or costs while ultimately saving time along the way.


In conclusion, these trends signify a transformative phase for sports and entertainment venues. By leveraging DIGIDECK, venue managers and marketers can create compelling, dynamic, and personalized presentations that not only highlight these trends but also demonstrate the venue’s readiness to embrace these changes. Adopting these strategies ensures that venues remain competitive and relevant in a rapidly evolving industry.


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