Streamline Sponsorship Deals: DIGIDECK’s SponsorCX Integration

Elevate your sponsorship experience with the seamless DIGIDECK & SponsorCX integration. This powerful combination empowers you to effortlessly generate impactful presentations detailing your activations and opportunities directly from the SponsorCX platform, saving time and ensuring consistency.

Collaboration & Responsibilities


  • Hosts secure endpoint services for SponsorCX data integration.
  • Delivers presentation URLs and edit links to the SponsorCX API.
  • Provides support for configuring additional data sources (optional)


  • Supplies necessary API credentials for external data sources (if applicable).
  • Acts as project manager, facilitating communication and ensuring smooth integration.

Streamlined Workflow

Generate presentations directly from SponsorCX, eliminating manual data entry and streamlining your workflow.

Automated Content Inclusion

Automatically pull in videos, PDFs, and images for agreements, showcasing proof of performance or crafting compelling proposals.

Branding Consistency

Ensure brand compliance with pre-built templates and customization options.

Dynamic Presentations

Utilize data sources beyond SponsorCX for added depth and personalization (with user discretion).

Centralized Management

Manage sponsorships, activations, recaps and everyday presentations seamlessly within theSponsorCX interface that’s already familiar to you.

How to Get Started

Upgrade your sponsorship presentations with the DIGIDECK & SponsorCX integration.

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