Accelerate lead generation and build pipeline faster with DIGIDECK Capture. By simply answering a few questions via an online form, your prospects can direct their own journey. Not only do they receive exactly what they want exactly when they’re looking for it, your sales team hasn’t even lifted a finger yet.

Let DIGIDECK Power Your Lead Process

Automation has revolutionized lead generation by streamlining processes and increasing efficiency across all industries and job functions. DIGIDECK’s automated tools and technologies help you generate and nurture leads at scale, resulting in improved conversion rates and ROI. 

Boost Your Speed to Lead

Studies show that 78% of the time, a buyer purchases from the first company to respond to their inquiry. It’s not plausible for most sales teams to work around the clock so what systems or programs could you implement to do it for you?

DIGIDECK Capture uses an online form to deliver relevant content based on selected answers. In less than one minute, a polished presentation full of pertinent information is in the prospect’s inbox. Not only do they have what they need almost immediately, your team can craft follow-up conversations around their answers.

The Right Content, Every Time

DIGIDECK Capture can also be used as a digital catalog to customize and direct the audience’s experience. For example, longtime DIGIDECK clients U.S. Bank Stadium, Sperry and PING use Capture to filter offerings based on audience likes, selections, favorites, etc.

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Convert More Leads with Robust Technology

Know where your audience sits at any time during the buying journey by integrating DIGIDECK into your tech stack.

  • Real-time alerts via Slack, Teams, email or your preferred communication channels let you know the moment someone opens your presentation so you can reach out when your content is top of mind
  • Skip a few steps with automated CRM tasks, emails, or other workflows based on presentation engagement 
  • Populate presentation analytics in your CRM to help you craft the perfect follow-up that seals the deal

“2,600+ unique presentations in 12 weeks.”

“California Closets sellers can’t always choose when or where they present their offerings. However, with content automation, they are always prepared for anything at a moment’s notice.”

California Closets

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