DIGIDECK makes it easier than ever to reach, engage and win over your audience with dynamic and immersive presentations. But, we’re more than just a presentation platform. What started as a simple solution for sports teams has evolved into a leading revenue enablement platform that helps organizations across all industries and verticals take their content to the next level.

Over a Decade Ago, Our Leader Saw a Gap in the Marketplace

Sportsdigita was founded in 2011 after CEO, Angelina Lawton, witnessed a need for something greater in the sports arena. When her experience as SVP, Corporate Communications for the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, left her wondering why so many successful sports franchises still suffered from lackluster presentations, DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita was born.

After quickly gaining an impressive roster of professional sports teams, Sportsdigita’s marquee platform, DIGIDECK, powered the company’s growth to where it stands today, serving 450+ of the most iconic brands in the world including nearly 50% of teams in the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS as well as enterprise brands like Visa, California Closets, MetLife, and Sperry.

DIGIDECK’s evolution from a presentation solution into a well-oiled, revenue enablement platform has proven to help businesses in any market and of any size increase revenue, improve collaboration, and consistently bring their best self to the table.

DIGIDECK is built for any meaningful conversation. If you’re ready to take things to the next level, DIGIDECK is ready to help.

Our Vision

Our goal is to ensure the DIGIDECK platform helps our customers …

Drive personalized, digital engagement at speed and scale

Increase lead conversion rates and accelerate sales funnel velociy

Protect and elevate their brand with captivating, immersive digital experiences

Align sales, marketing and revenue teams for predictable and consistent execution

Leading From The Front

Angelina Lawton | CEO & Founder

Angelina is a trailblazer in the sports business world. As the CEO & Founder of DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita, she has transformed the way some of the biggest brands in the world sell globally using her experience at the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning to drive DIGIDECK’s growth.

Beyond the business, Angelina is a lifelong advocate for women — having shared her story and vision with dozens of schools and universities as well as industry-leading press publications like Forbes and Inc Magazine.

Cory Factor | President

Cory has been the President of Sportsdigita since 2015. Prior to joining Sportsdigita, Cory held CEO, CTO and Founder roles at a number of B2B SaaS companies, each of which he helped take to the next level.

As a lifelong technology leader, Cory specializes in deploying the proper technology strategy, product roadmap, and leadership model for SaaS companies.

Dena Balabas | SVP, Customer Success

As a dedicated SaaS leader with over 20 years of experience in software, SaaS, cloud services and customer solutions, Dena brings intentional leadership as the SVP of Customer Success at Sportsdigita. Dena orchestrates collaboration across sales, marketing, product, and engineering teams to deliver a seamless and exceptional customer journey, ensuring Sportsdigita remains at the forefront of digital transformation. 

Dena’s tenure in the SaaS sector is marked by a notable track record of delivering innovative solutions that fuel business growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and bolster retention. Beyond her role, Dena is passionate about sharing her learnings and insights with others, fostering a network of industry professionals committed to mutual growth and the exchange of knowledge.

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