Teams deserve to drive excitement on and off the court. Businesses deserve collateral + content that converts.

Over a Decade Ago, Our Leader Saw A Gap In The Marketplace

We had to ask...

Why are so many successful sports franchises still suffering from presentations that fall flat in the boardroom?

DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita was born from a need in sports. But grew outside of it, because of organic, accelerated demand.

DIGIDECK’s cloud-based presentations quickly give teams boosted interactivity and content that feels like courtside. Naturally, businesses on the receiving end of these presentations were taking note.

Built for any meaningful conversation.

Businesses in any market — of any size — deserve a better way to present. And we’ve already built it. What started as a sports solution for teams like the L.A. Lakers and New York Yankees has grown today to serve 450+ global organizations across multiple verticals bolstering customization and driving revenue for every form of meaningful conversation.

Leading From The Front

Angelina Lawton | CEO & Founder

Angelina is a trailblazer in the sports business world — as the CEO & Founder of DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita, she has transformed the way some of the biggest brands in the world sell globally using her experience at the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning to drive DIGIDECK’s growth.

Beyond the business, Angelina is a lifelong advocate for women — having shared her story and vision with dozens of schools & universities as well as industry-leading press publications like Forbes and Inc Magazine.

Cory Factor | President

For 5+ years, Cory has been the President of Sportsdigita. As a lifelong technology leader, Cory was previously the CEO of MinuteBids for over 5 years and the CTO of Entrip, Inc. where he grew each organization through his leadership abilities and commitment to the SaaS model.

Factor specializes in helping SaaS organizations grow by deploying the proper technology strategy, product roadmap, and leadership model.

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