Tired of static PDFs and uninspired bid books? In today’s competitive landscape, winning over tourists, business, and economic opportunities requires engaging, interactive experiences that captivate decision-makers and showcase your destination’s unique offerings:

    Bring Event Opportunities to Life
  Showcase What Makes Your Destination Great
   Deliver Relevant Travel Information
  Draw in Business 

DIGIDECK’s revolutionary presentation platform helps Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) and Convention & Visitor Bureaus (CVBs) attract and engage customers with immersive, trackable bid books.

Attract the Modern Decision-Maker

DIGIDECK delivers a better bid book experience.The platform empowers you to create dynamic, personalized bid books that stand out from the crowd while tracking every interaction in-between. Go beyond traditional text and images with:

Immersive 360° Views

Transport decision-makers directly to your venue or destination with stunning panoramas that put them right in the action.

Interactive Data Insights

Highlight key metrics and ROI potential with intuitive charts, graphs, and maps that bring your story to life.

Compelling Multimedia

Integrate powerful videos, testimonials, case studies, and brochures to showcase your expertise and build trust.

Automated Content Curation

Streamline your workflow by automatically pulling in relevant content based on each specific audience.

See For Yourself

Click through the examples below to see how DIGIDECK’s revenue-fueling presentation platform can help you accelerate sales, increase pipeline velocity, and drive results through automated systems.

Conversion-Focused Features

DIGIDECK isn’t just about stunning visuals. It’s also about actionable insights that help you close deals faster.

See how decision-makers are interacting with your bid book, what sections they’re spending the most time on, and where they might have questions.

Gain valuable insights into your bid book performance and optimize your content for maximum impact.

What DMOs Can Expect

Beyond ultra-modern presentation capabilities, DIGIDECK bid books save time and increase revenue with:

Close more deals by presenting a compelling and memorable proposal that differentiates you from the competition.

Streamline your bid process and get to “yes” faster with interactive content that keeps decision-makers engaged.

Showcase your full capabilities and negotiate better deals with data-driven insights and ROI projections.

Ready to elevate your bid books to the next level?

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Insights for DMO Success

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“DIGIDECK has been a game changer for our sales proposals and presentations.”

“This product has turned our bids into top-notch, immersive products that bring all of Salt Lake’s unique offerings to life in a way that was never possible before. On top of that, it has greatly increased the productivity and efficiency of our team at Visit Salt Lake. RFPs and Proposals that used to take hours to create now take a matter of minutes! We could not be more happy with this platform and all of the benefits that come with it.”

Kristen Kobayashi
Convention & Digital Services Manager
Visit Salt Lake

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