7 Best Sales Automation Tools for Sports Ticketing

7 Best Sales Automation Tools for Sports Ticketing

Manual processes no longer have a place in modern sales practices— especially in the fast-paced world of sports ticketing. In ticketing, it’s all about streamlining processes and automating results while providing an exceptional, personalized customer experience.

With so much advancement in technology, there are more sales automation tools available now than ever before. To help understand this better, we’ve gathered the top automation tools that every sports ticketing team should have in their tech stack. Take a look!

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1) Chorus by ZoomInfo

Automated Call Transcripts & Insights

No more frantically typing notes during video calls and meetings or requiring a time commitment from an additional notetaker. Chorus by ZoomInfo utilizes AI to automatically record and transcribe conversations. 

Chorus goes above and beyond standard transcription tools by also analyzing the calls themselves to see if they met certain talking points and metrics essential for successful sales. 

For example, the tool will:

  • Note how many deal risks were present in the call (ie- decision-makers weren’t present) 
  • Indicate coaching opportunities for sales leaders 
  • Showcase insights like talk time and filler words


Automated Presentations & Microsites

Tired of spending hours each week manually assembling PowerPoint presentations for your pitches, recaps, and renewals— only to end up with a dull, boring result that doesn’t provide any user activity insights?

That’s why dozens of ticketing departments across the globe rely on DIGIDECK for automated proposals that allow for brand consistency, streamlined workflows, and viewership analytics for more intentional follow-ups. 

Thanks to robust CRM Integrations, DIGIDECK automatically updates presentations based on lead or customer data— ideal for season ticket auto-renewal campaigns. Additionally, DIGIDECK automatically creates and sends personalized presentations based on customer or prospect form fills— allowing you to deliver custom content without lifting a finger. 

3) Referral Rock

Referral Program Automation

Most people in sales agree that referrals are one of the most effective lead sources. Even though referrals are fantastic, being proactive about getting them can be a pain point. That’s where Referral Rock comes in. 

Referral Rock allows you to set up and run end-to-end referral programs. Set it up once, and the tool runs on autopilot— including sharing, nudging, and sending rewards. 

With over 50 built-in automated reward payouts, you can create unique incentive programs that excite current and former ticketing and premium customers. You can even automatically send rewards at multiple buyer stages, not just after a completed sale.  

4) MailChimp

Email Automation

MailChimp makes it easy to automate email marketing campaigns— especially for people with minimal design or copywriting experience. MailChimp offers hundreds of high-quality templates to reduce the design lift and generative AI to craft headlines and body copy.

Users are able to track email performance with a built-in analytics platform that provides valuable performance insights. 

Since MailChimp is intuitive and easy to use, it’s one of the most popular choices for email marketing across industries. Free plans are available, but paid plans offer more features like A/B testing, campaign manager, and custom-coded templates.

5) DocuSign

Electronic Signatures

If your team isn’t already using DocuSign for automated electronic signatures— well, kindly put, you’re the odd one out.

DocuSign has taken over practically every industry including sports thanks to how much easier and quicker it makes the process of legally signing a contract. DocuSign made the process secure and efficient for digital platforms. The cloud-based signature solution completely eliminates the need for physical paper, manual processes, and lag time in between sending and signing. 

The platform also allows users to store and manage all their contracts from one place— ensuring important documents don’t get lost.

6) Dealfront

Automated Lead Generator

Stop wasting time and energy trying to sell suites and season tickets to cold leads with no buying intent. Dealfront is a sales automation software that helps you identify high-quality B2B customers. Generated from website visitors, Dealfront streamlines the entire process by automatically adding quality leads to your CRM. 

This tool generates leads, provides comprehensive company profiles to reduce research time, pinpoints key decision makers, and provides direct contact details. This tool allows sales teams to focus more time on nurturing relationships and closing deals rather than prospecting.

7) Automizy

Email Automation

Tired of putting effort into your emails, only for them to remain unopened? Automizy is an email marketing automation tool designed to help improve your open rates. Easily build automated email cadences that keep audiences engaged depending on the actions they take and track campaign performance with analytics.

Automizy also allows users to create attractive email designs with no coding required thanks to their easy drag and drop editor. Users can also take advantage of features like A/B testing automation, AI subject line performance scoring, and responsive contact list sign-up forms.

Benefits of Sales Automation Tools

The seven tools on this list aren’t just flashy or “nice to have.” They offer tangible benefits for sales teams in the sports industry, including:

Boost Productivity
& Speed

 Allowing sellers to focus more on selling rather than on content creation is one of the top benefits of automation tools. 

Effective Pipeline Management

If consistent sales training and reporting isn’t available, many sales automation tools offer valuable insights into the pipeline for optimized follow-ups and strategies. 

Reduce Repetitive, Boring Tasks

No one enjoys endless copying and pasting or boring data entry when there are more high level tasks to be done. Automation tools allow humans to focus more on what they do best rather than on monotonous tasks.


Humans unfortunately can easily make errors with data, reporting, and content creation. Sales automation tools are better at consistently providing accurate information and outputs.

Excel With DIGIDECK in Your Tech Stack

Every sales automation tool included here is valuable for sports ticketing teams. DIGIDECK in particular is leveraged among over 50% of all pro sports teams and dozens of minor league teams. 

Imagine instantly creating hundreds of PURLs in minutes, rather than manually creating each one. With DIGIDECK presentations, you can accomplish automated eye-catching, interactive, and customizable presentations in just a few clicks. 

Curious to see all the ways DIGIDECK supports ticketing teams with a suite of automation features? Schedule a demo today!

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