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Picture of Author: Cory Factor

Author: Cory Factor

President, Sportsdigita

Although it’s currently one of the hottest buzzwords in the market right now, artificial intelligence (AI) isn’t anything new. In fact, the concept of AI has been around since the 1950s! However, AI has now made its way into nearly every facet of our daily lives, including business. With AI evolving as fast as technology will allow, we’re here to help sales and marketing teams navigate this changing world and offer best practices along the way. We’ve been planning how to best leverage AI for years and are looking forward to using it to our advantage. Here are a few ways how…

AI is Good, Humans Are Great

Though it may seem like robots are set to take over the world, AI still functions best with human assistance. For example, there’s been a recent obsession with ChatGPT being used to generate content such as articles, social media posts, e-books, etc. While this has sent some copywriters and content creators into a frenzy, these pieces of content still perform best when humans are involved to tweak, button up, or add color commentary as needed. That’s exactly why we believe using generative AI along with human editors is a better approach than removing the human element altogether.

Using AI for content creation can help smaller teams cover more ground with less work as they use the same prompts and information to generate a blog, platform-specific social posts, email blasts, video scripts, etc. on a certain topic. Though this can save time and reduce frustration, it’s not as simple as inputting parameters then copying and pasting into the final destination and moving on with your life. 

AI compiles public information from all over the web that’s too generic on its own to make a big splash. This is exactly where content creators and writers can use generative AI to get started on a concept, then make it specific to their brand, industry, region, current events, etc. Otherwise, your AI-generated content is going to sound just like everyone else’s AI-generated content.

How DIGIDECK Already Uses AI to Enable Teams

As revenue enablement leaders, DIGIDECK is well versed in taking our partners content and using our platform to increase effectiveness.

Some of our existing AI and automation capabilities include DIGIDECK Capture, which analyzes your audience’s form submissions to create a custom presentation based on their inputs. Then, through automation and integrations, this customized presentation is delivered within seconds, removing prolonged lead times and giving your audience exactly what they want, right when they want it. Finally, all this activity is automatically tracked within your CRM, removing manual but important tasks that can be easily missed.

AI + DIGIDECK: The Next Steps

DIGIDECK’s commitment to AI is to incorporate the best applications of it into our products to help users create unique, personalized content – not just deliver it. Stay tuned in upcoming months as we unveil new AI features and developments. Until then, here’s a quick preview where we plan to take DIGIDECK AI Assist.

  • Generate the perfect message for your audience with an in-platform narrative generator
  • Appeal to anyone with a specific tone of voice, optimal length, clear objectives, etc.
  • Save time and energy as you create and structure your presentation as DIGIDECK AI Assist helps you uncover and tell your brand story in ways you never considered before
  • Take advantage of its capabilities to brainstorm ideas, write new content or rewrite/revise content for different use cases 
  • Quickly and easily recap meetings and calls into an engaging DIGIDECK presentation

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