SponsorCX Doubles Business + Boosts Efficiency With DIGIDECK Automation

The Challenge

SponsorCX was in need of a platform to capitalize on the accelerated growth they were experiencing in the early years of operation. After several quick wins with teams led to interest flooding in across the entire sports industry, it was critical for their team to reach audiences in a way that not only stood out but could also be monitored for meaningful follow-up.

With traditional methods of attaching a standard proposal to an email not only failing to provide insight into the sales cycle, but also falling flat in terms of look & feel, CEO Jason Smith knew there had to be a better way to maximize growth:

“It’s not enough to send a proposal in an email and hope for a signed deal. You have to be able to track and monitor that opportunity and see what is resonating most with them…” adds Smith.

Additionally, in an industry built on the fast-paced action of live sports, SponsorCX wanted their proposals to match the excitement of real games and entertainment in order to captivate the right audiences. 


“If I had to choose two technologies to keep in our tech stack and had to eliminate all the rest . . .
I would pick my CRM and DIGIDECK.”

Jason Smith
CEO + Founder


The Solution

Steamlined Sales

Beyond the impact of elevating presentation experiences for SponsorCX, DIGIDECK’s ability to streamline sales processes has earned its merit as a company favorite.

Before what took the team hours of time to create now can be accomplished in just a few clicks without sacrificing quality.

Data-Driven Insights

As a technology platform itself, SponsorCX is acutely aware of the importance of data in optimizing performance and revenue generation – DIGIDECK’s ability to provide real data revealing insight into the sales process makes it a natural complement to this organizational approach. 

With insight into which parts of the proposal teams are spending the most time viewing and additional functionality to reveal “who” and what device was used to access your link, DIGIDECK delivers on a data-driven approach. Leveraging the objectivity of this data drive important decisions for the SponsorCX team.

Automated Workflow

DIGIDECK has become an automatic step in the sales process. Team members don’t even think twice about it anymore – building their proposal in DIGIDECK is part of the deal. 

“Every new customer we bring on, has looked at a DIGIDECK.” adds Smith.

The Results

Doubled Business

Since the partnership with DIGIDECK was established, SponsorCX’s customer base has doubled in part due to the enhanced efficiency delivered by this partnership.

“Our most recent growth would not be possible without DIGIDECK… It gets new teams across the finish line.” Smith concludes.

Brand Confidence

Because DIGIDECK is built alongside marketing, SponsorCX can be confident that every custom presentation is on-brand with messaging, aesthetic, and design further amplifying its impact.

What’s more, the dynamic look of every presentation sent out is a differentiator in the market with DIGIDECK’s cloud-based media library of imagery, video, audio files, and documents all available in one tab. The ease of use coupled with the immersive experience of every conversation makes DIGIDECK a confidence booster across the board.


Culture of Innovation

Operating in the technology sector, SponsorCX is committed to delivering on innovation in all they do – from initial meeting all the way to multi-year partnerships, it is embedded in their culture and approach. 

DIGIDECK becomes a natural extension of that, delivering innovation in both functionality and experience.

About SponsorCX

SponsorCX was founded by Jason Smith in Jan. of 2021 with the idea of delivering a better sponsorship management experience for teams around the globe—having been in the shoes of Sponsorship Sellers during his time with the Utah Jazz and IMG, he desired a better way to store this critical information and data while make the sales process easier. Today, SponsorCX serves teams across multiple leagues and verticals.
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