Wurth Closes
Record-Size Partnership Utilizing DIGIDECK

As a global wholesale leader, Wurth’s MRO, Safety, & Metalworking division recently achieved a notable milestone closing a record-size partnership deal with the help of the DIGIDECK platform. With momentum building from continued DIGIDECK success, Wurth’s revenue conversations are now both streamlined and effective across the entire division. 

Find out how DIGIDECK helps Wurth accelerate deal velocity by:

  • Shortening the sales cycle
  • Providing a one-stop-shop for any questions that arise in the deal process
  • Standing out in an ultra-competitive market
  • Positioning Wurth as a thought leader

“DIGIDECK helped us close a new partnership because of its ability to clearly communicate our value proposition and make the entire process easy for all parties involved.”

Anthony Sparks

Senior Director of Sales Enablement & Category Management

The Challenge

In a continual effort to champion sales enablement across the MRO, Safety, & Metalworking division, Wurth was looking for a way to empower sellers while driving more effective partnership revenue. 

Anthony Sparks, Senior Director of Sales Enablement & Category Management, shares, “We were looking for something to sell for us when we aren’t in the room.”

With larger buyer committees and more analytical purchase decisions currently trending across the B2B market, it is critical to deliver concise, effective messaging to stay both competitive and relevant in an ever-evolving space. 

The Solution

With the implementation of DIGIDECK, which serves as the internal champion for every partner conversation, sales enablement success continues to skyrocket for the MRO, Safety, & Metalworking team.

Integration Capabilities

DIGIDECK’s integration capabilities streamline the entire sales process while giving Wurth’s sellers more time back in their day to focus on deals.

With the ability to create proposals based on custom opportunity or account data from right within their CRM, Wurth’s productivity has increased while ensuring every interaction is tracked along the way.


With DIGIDECK’s interactive layouts, unlimited multimedia, and intuitive interface, the platform serves as a one-stop-shop for Wurth’s prospects when they are considering a partnership.

“DIGIDECK serves as a deal or project manager for us putting the critical information we need in front of key audiences that they can always go back and reference at any time using the same link.” Sparks shares.

Future Growth + Opportunity

DIGIDECK’s use grows amongst the Wurth team as new use cases leverage the platform’s flexibility and ability to adapt to audience intent.

Beyond new partner conversations, Wurth has begun to use DIGIDECK for internal employee onboarding as well as partner onboarding as well.

The Results

Record-Size Deals In Less Time

Wurth has already closed record-size agreements with new partners while opening up the door on many more conversations.

“DIGIDECK helped us close a new partnership of magnitude because of its ability to clearly communicate our value proposition and make the entire process easy for all parties involved” Sparks adds.

On the back-end, viewership analytics help equip the Wurth team with the information needed to assess engagement as evidenced by viewing time on their record deal.

Additionally, the platform’s ability to depict the full breadth and depth of Wurth’s offerings gives audiences an authentic way to inquire about additional line items which may lead to cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Enhanced Storytelling

Beyond the visually stunning presentations and proposals, DIGIDECK also automates the follow-up process ensuring Wurth is on top of every conversation with the ability to customize to a specific audience from data within their CRM.

Spark adds, “Our champion does not have time to finagle with 8 PDF attachments post-call. We are able to send one simple link with all content embedded in the presentation.”

Selling When We Aren’t In The Room

One of the biggest benefits of DIGIDECK for Wurth has been its ability to “sell for them when they aren’t in the room” giving the internal champion a way to secure deal approvals through shareable presentations that deliver impact.

“In our absence, DIGIDECK drives the deal forward and facilitates the decision-making processes.” Spark explains.

With so much opportunity ahead, Wurth will continue to trust DIGIDECK to deliver on deal velocity, automation efficiencies, and overall effectiveness.

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Würth Industry, a member of the Wurth Group, is a leading distributor of assembly and fastening materials, providing supply chain solutions for industrial manufacturers across North America. Wurth Industry offers a comprehensive range of products including fasteners, MRO supplies, safety equipment, and production consumables for vertical markets such as equipment manufacturing, construction, commercial vehicle, food & beverage and rail. Their services encompass inventory management, engineering support, and technical services designed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce total costs for their clients. With a strong emphasis on innovation and customer service, Würth Industry is dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer.

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