The Carolina Hurricanes used DIGIDECK to boost sales and consolidate assets

The Challenge

Simply put, the Hurricanes were looking for something better than the industry standard. “We wanted a consistent place to showcase items,” said to Marie Bobalik, Senior Manager of Corporate Partnershipsat the Hurricanes.

Prior to being one of the first teams to adopt the DIGIDECK platform, a decision Bobalik was involved in,the Hurricanes’ sales team was using Microsoft Word and PowerPoint for sponsorship proposals and recaps. Any customization had to be done by in-house graphic designers – taking their time away from other projects.

“DIGIDECK gives us flexibility and makes the sales process much more engaging and impactful whether we are presenting a proposal or a season recap. It allows our sales team to communicate in a very visual way with prospects by adding interactive capabilities like video, rich media, audio, and analytics to help accelerate the sales cycle in a controlled, effective way.”

—Jim Ballweg, VP of Corporate Partnerships

The Solution

For the Hurricanes, DIGIDECK plays a role in two key sales areas: generating sponsorship presentations that are realistic and keeping all assets in one location.

From dasherboard mock-up to game daypartnership coupons, pitching a dynamic, moving graphic in DIGIDECK is more effective than sharing a flat image in PowerPoint or Microsoft Word.

DIGIDECK has also proved to be helpful in archiving assets for multi-year partnerships, allowing sales team members across theorganization to review previous pitches to see what content has worked the best. “Housing everything in one place, including the image library,is just nice,” said Bobalik. “I think it’s a really good extension of the sales process.”

“You can put so much more in DIGIDECK. Videos, animated GIFs, sponsor logos, or high-resolution images, all in one space. A lot of people are caught off guard when we are able to give them such a detailed proposal or recap.”

—Marie Bobalik, Senior Manager of Corporate Partnerships

The Results

Today, DIGIDECK is mandatory for the entire Hurricanes sales team. Or, as Bobalik puts it, “no morePowerPoint or anything like PowerPoint.” The Hurricanes, who started using DIGIDECK for sponsorship sales, now use the product for recaps, group ticket sales and premium services. “It’s the first thing I turn to. It’s become second nature and I don’t even think twice about doing something else,” said Bobalik.

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