Global Tax Network Leverages DIGIDECK From Prospecting To Retention

The Challenge

As a leading global mobility tax services firm, Global Tax Network (GTN) is quite familiar with the challenges of standing out among a sea of competitors. And, with industry sales cycles sometimes taking several years for a single deal, GTN recognizes the importance of cutting through the noise whenever possible to speed things up.

In addition to finding a way to more quickly move the needle forward on opportunities, the GTN team was searching for an easier way to maintain brand consistency across all pitches and proposals while simultaneously customizing content to each audience’s specific needs.

“We have a lot of customers in the technology space… so being able to send something that is tech-forward, customized, and on-brand every single time made the decision easy to move forward with DIGIDECK,” shared marketing veteran and internal DIGIDECK champion Jen Frentz, who was with GTN prior to its days of cloud-based presentations. Before DIGIDECK, GTN was limited to the confines of PPT and PDFs. With linear navigation and limited brand control, Jen and her team spent hours each time reinventing the wheel for every proposal with little insight into what happened after the initial presentation.

“It was a win-win for both our sales and marketing teams. Giving our revenue teams a robust, innovative platform to utilize has aligned our organization and made us more agile than ever.”

—Jen Frentz, Marketing Manager
Global Tax Network


The Solution

Since launching, GTN has come to use DIGIDECK for nearly every facet of their business – internal and external. With noticeably faster turnaround times on every presentation, the GTN Marketing Team can now spend more time focusing on demand strategy while GTN sellers are more efficiently reaching prospects and new audiences. 


GTN continues to find new use cases within DIGIDECK, using it for:

  • Overview and Introduction Decks — creating visually stunning and engaging presentations that effectively communicate GTN’s value proposition.

“By showcasing our services and differentiators in an interactive and dynamic way, we are able to capture the attention of our prospects and leave a lasting impression.” 

  • Business Proposals and Presentation Decks — providing customized proposals and presentations that are tailored to the specific needs and requirements of each prospect.

“The platform’s flexibility and versatility allow us to showcase our solutions and services in a compelling way and provide a clear roadmap for implementation and next steps.”

  • Annual Business Review Decks — transforming the way GTN delivers annual business reviews to clients. Instead of tired PPT slides, GTN has the ability to create presentations unique to each client, including a comprehensive and data-driven overview of their program and services received.

“Our business reviews are more effective now as we are able to demonstrate the clear value we provided and how we got there through DIGIDECK.”

  • Internal Conferences and Events – powering internal communications and events in one central location, to easily and effectively share GTN’s vision, highlight company-wide and individual achievements, and inspire the entire team to continue driving toward their goals and objectives.

“Attending GTN events is now a cohesive experience where we are able to use DIGIDECK to drive the conversation for both remote and in-person attendees while adhering to our brand standards.”

The Results

Mid Market Expansion

As the GTN team looks to broaden their offerings by providing mid-market solutions in the coming years, they’ll be collaborating with a number of new providers along the way. With DIGIDECK, they will be able to showcase new collaborators, develop presentations for new solutions, and continue to maintain their brand identity in a consistent way. Jen explains,

“It allows us to scale for the future. As we look to branch further into the mid-market, I know DIGIDECK will be critical in helping us get there.”

Aligned Revenue Teams

With both marketing and sales operating from the same platform, revenue teams are always aligned, ensuring that audiences have a consistent experience with the GTN brand regardless of where they’re at within the buyer journey.

“Our sales team is more confident because they have a nearly pixel-perfect deck they can use to guide prospects along in the journey. And then afterward, they can track that conversation to see when the deck is opened and what content they are engaging with to understand what our prospects are most interested in.” shares Jen.

An Extension of the Team

DIGIDECK’s flexibility and ease of use makes it efficient for anyone on the GTN team to quickly send content on-the-fly and track in real-time. 

Revenue teams can lean on DIGIDECK as little or as much as they need to guide the conversation. Additionally, with DIGIDECK’s continual platform enhancements and updates, the GTN team has confidence knowing their experience will be cutting edge every time, allowing them to deliver at the forefront of technology without any extra effort. 

Jen concludes, “I know DIGIDECK will be key to our future and our success. It has been a huge differentiator for our team and we look forward to coming up with more use cases as we scale.”

“I know DIGIDECK will be key to our future and our success. It has been a huge differentiator for our team and we look forward to coming up with more use cases as we grow.”

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