The Green Bay Packers Utilize DIGIDECK Across Their Organization

The Challenge

For the tradition-rich Green Bay Packers, there is no shortage of opportunities to engage fans, attract sponsors, and leverage best-in-class activations. To fully capture the incredible game-day experience at Lambeau Field, the aura of their legendary coach Vince Lombardi and a roster of over 25 Hall of Fame players – the Packers needed to offer much more than simple PowerPoint presentations. Their business leaders required a solution that was more dynamic and robust from a multimedia perspective while providing powerful business efficiencies.


“From the initial conversation and needs analysis to proposal building and getting the actual proposal out the door, DIGIDECK has really improved our sales cycle. DIGIDECK tells how interested prospects are in the additional assets we’re offering. It has helped with the sales process and given us that quick return and efficiency.”

—Justin Wolf, Assistant Director, Corporate Sales

The Solution

The Packers not only set the pace on the playing field, the 13-time World Champions are cutting edge from a business perspective as well. They recognized an opportunity to partner with Sportsdigita and employ the DIGIDECK presentation platform throughout their organization.

“Sportsdigita has eliminated so many of the basic pain points we were experiencing, We are taking advantage of three decks. Having the proposal deck was nice and adding the activation and recap decks allow us to use Sportsdigita for everything that we publish and send to our clients.”

—Bobbi Cameron, Business Services Analyst

The Results

Enhancing The Brand Story…

“We’re a classic historic brand. Our DIGIDECK looks clean and carries the brand well throughout our presentations. The platform’s video capabilities allow us to show the Lambeau Field game day experience, the fan passion and our history and traditions. Every year we implement a brand-new look and it’s easy to see our message not just through corporate sales, but throughout the entire organization.” – Justin Wolf, Manager Corporate Sales

“In many ways, Lambeau Field is our brand and it is a better seller than we are. The ability to show video and our interactive features, allows people to feel like they know the experience even if they haven’t been here.” – Chad Watson, Director of Sales and Business Development

Demonstrating ROI to Sponsors…

“DIGIDECK allows us to build graphics and show the metrics for our activation results easily and embed them in our presentations instantly.” – Justin Wolf

“The ability to embed video from our video board, a broadcast mention, or a sign that showed up prominently on the broadcast that we couldn’t have expected or accounted for … there would have been really no way to put that into the recap previously. Now we’re able to capture those things.” – Chad Watson

Leveraging Powerful Business Efficiencies…

“Integrating DIGIDECK with our CRM has been wonderful. We do not have to type anything. We do not need to add anything. The information is flowing from KORE and the information is consistent throughout.” – Bobbi Cameron

“DIGIDECK allows us to be nimble in real-time, across the entire sponsorship organization.” – Justin Wolf

“With DIGIDECK we are nimble in real-time. We might have certain photos from the season we want to update and show off to the market and we can add them in an instant. The platform provides us a more instantaneous, updated solution.”

—Chad Watson, Director, Sales and Business Development

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