Jacksonville Jaguars Bring Sponsorship and Recap Stories To Life With DIGIDECK

The Challenge

The Jacksonville Jaguars were looking to elevate presentation capabilities for Sponsorship Renewal and Recap conversations among prospective and current partners during an important year for the franchise. Celebrating 25 years in the National Football League, the Jaguars knew the organization’s rich history merited a presentation platform to match the energy and prestige carried by the Jaguars logo. 

Looking to jump off the page when presenting to partners during this pinnacle moment for the franchise, the Jaguars wanted the ability to:

  • Create dynamic presentations reflecting in-game energy and experiences
  • Embed media-rich assets including radio sound bites and video features
  • Gain efficiency when preparing presentations
  • Provide analytics to measure team performance and sponsor activity

Additionally, with the ever-changing nature of the league, enabling sellers to swap out assets, player information, statistics, and more on-the-fly was identified as an important way to streamline the Sponsorship Sales process and ensure messaging relevancy. 

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“DIGIDECK is the perfect platform from start to finish when communicating major deals with Sponsors. From prospecting, to proposals, to season recaps, DIGIDECK is the sole facilitator of these conversations throughout the entire Sponsor’s lifecycle. The value we are able to convey because of the platform’s immersive capabilities has made all the difference in the world."
-Anne Boccuzzi, Vice President of Partnership Activations

The Solution

After identifying DIGIDECK as a turnkey solution for the Sponsorship Sales challenges identified, the Jaguars transitioned to the cloud-based presentation capabilities of the DIGIDECK platform – positioning themselves for more wins in the Digital Age and setting the stage for an era of innovation and best-in-class technology implementation.

Dropping in media files, audio, imagery, and real game-board displays from each game during the Regular and Postseason brings the relationship full circle for the Jaguars team of sellers.   This experience elevates the organization as a whole to the industry leading level desired to successfully compete in the league.

"Having the ability to quickly customize each DIGIDECK presentation to the prospect or partner we are communicating with has been a game changer for our team. Being able to say ‘this is the actual game-day exposure your organization received during the regular season’ backed by real footage is a huge opportunity to bring each unique partnership story to life."

— Lauren Baker, Senior Account Manager, Partnerships

The Results

The Jaguars have dramatically optimized the Sponsorship sales processes by operationalizing DIGIDECK as the key facilitator of partner content during critical times in the sales cycle with stakeholders. 

Leveraging back-end analytics to alert sellers when a presentation is opened has given the team the ability to communicate with more meaningful, targeted conversations and tap into the areas of content that will resonate most with each audience.

DIGIDECK’s Weekly Management Reporting emails allow leaders to easily stay up-to-date on partnership, sales and presentation activity associated with each opportunity all within one convenient dashboard viewing location.

Feedback from current partners to the Jaguars team has also been overwhelmingly positive including inquiries by naming rights partners, TIAA Bank, who was impressed by the immersive experience provided by DIGIDECK and wanted to learn more about the engaging platform.

DIGIDECK has positioned the Jaguars franchise as a thought leader and innovative storyteller in the competitive space of the National Football league and has given them the ability to compete at the highest level in the era of Modern Sports.

"Receiving weekly emails with my team’s presentation activity gives me peace of mind knowing each opportunity is moving in the right direction and gives me a snapshot into the status of each moving part during critical times in the sales cycle".

— Anne Boccuzzi, Vice President Partnership Activations

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