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The Challenge

The Jostens team was facing three key challenges to maximize the value of their independent sales representatives.

1. How can we be sure our reps are using the most updated & timely information to sell?

2. How can we stay on top of the activity of our sales representatives to best serve their needs?

3. Are the presentations we’re creating making an impact with our consumers?

In short, Jostens needed a platform that provided brand control, sales intelligence and the multimedia sizzle that would immerse their target audiences.

The Solution

DIGIDECK is an interactive presentation software used by marketing and sales professionals across every sector of the economy to build and share dynamic, visually engaging presentations customized for their brand. DIGIDECK proved to be a perfect fit for Jostens, and was the only platform that answered all three of their key challenges.

The ‘Wow’ Factor

The Jostens sales team is frequently presenting to large groups of millennials. Captivating these audiences requires presentations that are not only informative, but also visually stimulating.

“DIGIDECK conveys the excitement and value of our memorabilia. We stand apart with engaging multimedia presentations. The platform has been a boon to our sales process by allowing us to tailor custom presentations for every one of our sales reps,” said Claudia Fierro-Poppen, Director of Marketing at Jostens. “Impressing your partners with more compelling, more customized and more effective presentations brings us that much closer to delivering a positive and relevant brand experience that drives demand for our business.”

Brand Control

As a cloud-based platform, DIGIDECK provides Jostens the ability to get materials out to sales reps in a timely fashion with updated content and ready-to-use slides. Their sales team is able to quickly pull together proposals and their marketing team can be assured they are on brand.

DIGIDECK streamlines the process for building presentations and ensures brand standards are always followed because they can lock the content in their Master Deck. Sales reps maintain the ability to customize by pulling the slides they want from the master deck and personalizing their presentations for every client by adding their own slides and activating hot spots for custom branding such as logos.

Sales Intelligence and Management Reports

Which products are being pushed? What content is being used? Which messages are working? DIGIDECK provides Fierro-Poppen and her team the visibility and sales intelligence they need in real-time. Jostens can see which slides have been included in presentations and the products that were introduced. The platform’s management reports enable them to clearly understand who is using what, when they’re using it, and how their performance stacks against top performing sellers.


The Results

DIGIDECK has provided Jostens an immediate analysis of the return on its investment.

Jostens has solidified control over their brand in a way that wasn’t possible before and eliminated all doubt as to which products their independent reps are presenting to their end customers.

The sales intelligence they’ve gained from the platform allows them to refine their sales pitch and more easily identify winning tactics.


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