The New York Mets leverage DIGIDECK for sponsorship sales, recaps, and renewals

NY Mets

The Challenge

The New York Mets wanted to stand out in a highly-competitive market (an area that hosts 13 different professional sports teams). The status quo was not an option, and as Tim Whang, Director of Client Services said, “with PowerPoint, if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.” The Mets wanted to enter sponsorship sales meetings with a custom, specialized master deck that could accurately exhibit the team’s compelling and unique story in a highly interactive way.

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NY Mets

"We partner with some of the world’s most innovative brands. DIGIDECK enables us bring those partnership stories to life and compete at a very high level for the business."

—Director of Client Services for the New York Mets

The Solution

With the goal of creating an interactive experience for their potential corporate partners, the Mets turned to Sportsdigita and their presentation platform, DIGIDECK, for their turnkey dynamic solution. The software is an interactive tool used by sales professionals of every level to build dynamic and engaging decks customized for their brand and designed to “wow” prospects and clients.

“We get a lot of compliments from partners, both on the sponsorship and recap end of our business,” said Whang. “We partner with some of the world’s most innovative brands. DIGIDECK enables us bring those partnership stories to life and compete at a very high level for the business. It allows us to go into these presentations with a lot of confidence.”

The Mets also use DIGIDECK to recap and renew sponsorships.

“Recap presentations often trickle into renewal conversations, thus providing top of the line proof-of-performance recaps helps to facilitate the partnership renewal process,” said Whang. “Visually showcasing actual results of a partnership is the biggest step in getting renewals done. It brings credibility to our sponsorships. We love it when partners can actually see the value of our relationship and DIGIDECK helps us do just that.”

"Sportsdigita’s Premium DIGIDECK has given our Group Sales team the ability to rapidly generate customized, dynamic presentations and proposals for our prospects. What is unique about the interface is that it allows us to easily make updates to our master sales collateral without slowing down our sales reps – real time! We’ve also really benefited from the presentation analytics that help take guesswork out of the sales follow-up process."

—Senior Director, Group Sales at New York Mets New York Mets/i>

NY Mets

The Results

The Mets and Sportsdigita have formed a strong partnership, allowing the Mets to continually devise new and innovative ways to expand and grow their sales efforts through the DIGIDECK. The team’s first DIGIDECK was built solely for sponsorship sales. Today, they have successfully created hundreds of custom DIGIDECK presentations for sponsorship sales, recaps and renewals, as well as group, season and premium ticketing. “The DIGIDECK has come such a long way since we initially started using it, I’m excited to continue to have the Sportsdigita team rollout product features we can use in real time,” said Whang.

NY Mets

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