The Challenge

The New York Yankees are one of the most iconic sports brands in the world. They own 40 American League pennants and 27 World Series championships – both Major League Baseball records. With a dedicated fan base that spans the globe, the Yankees enjoy the luxury of appealing to brands worldwide. That same appeal brings a tremendous challenge to their Partnerships team, who must communicate the extensive number of opportunities available at Yankee Stadium in an impactful way that meets the high expectations of blue-chip brands.

“We are very lucky being the Yankees. Our business partners tend to be blue chip brands, frequently in the Fortune 500, or even Fortune 50. As a result, we have many partners that are headquartered overseas — including those in Israel, China, Japan, Germany and Switzerland — and it is an incredible challenge to represent our full inventory in its best light and in a timely fashion to such a vast and diverse audience,” said Bryan Calka, Vice President, Partnerships for the New York Yankees.

The Solution

With DIGIDECK from Sportsdigita, the Yankees are taking advantage of a versatile platform that combines smart presentation capabilities with best-in-class software technologies. The cloud-based presentation software is an interactive tool used by sports professionals to build and share dynamic, visually engaging presentations customized for their brand. Its ease-of-use, CRM integrations and advanced analytics ensure they are armed with the data and information they need to generate more revenue.

DIGIDECK enables the Yankees sales team to access the team’s master deck easily and adjust proposals quickly. They can better leverage their amazing library of images, audio and video files without worrying about file size or sharing limitations. PowerPoint wasn’t providing them this flexibility and speed. At the same time, their Partnerships team has full confidence that every presentation will be on brand.

“When you’re trying to pitch multinational and international companies that have never been to Yankee Stadium or New York, the ability to use a panoramic image in DIGIDECK allows our potential partners to understand what they’re buying far better than if we were using PowerPoint. DIGIDECK provides the substance needed to initiate conversations and close deals, and that has been a tremendous benefit to our organization.”

—Bryan Calka, Vice President, Partnerships for the New York Yankees

The Solution

“Our biggest challenge was trying to describe the opportunities in Yankee Stadium with a picture. Now I’m able to send a custom DIGIDECK with visuals and video. With all the powerful imagery now at our disposal, our ability to communicate has improved exponentially. We can, for example, use a panoramic and say, ‘scroll to your right and scroll to your left to fully experience your inventory in the ballpark.’ Frankly, that has been huge for us, allowing us to communicate in what amounts to a universal language. It allows us to sell inventory more efficiently and effectively,” said Calka.

DIGIDECK has provided the Yankees a simpler process for both sales and recaps. They are housing their inventory in a more efficient manner and the platform’s Management Reports make it easy for Yankees leadership to stay connected to every member of its sales team, track their proposals, and see how they are tracking toward sales goals.

“I think DIGIDECK has really simplified our sales and recap processes. It is incredibly beneficial to know when somebody opens the deck to view their statistics,” explained Calka. “Having that knowledge gives us the ability to follow up in a targeted manner. It has sped up our sales process because we can answer questions before they’re even asked, reducing uncertainties and the number of calls it takes to secure a deal.”

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