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Securing Benefactor Donations In The Digital Age


When the University of Notre Dame’s Annual Giving team, the Sorin Society, launched a new traveling division aimed at bringing the University’s story to life when meeting with benefactors, a dynamic presentation tool became a clear way to secure new donations and capture the rich history and generous spirit of the institution.

The Sorin Society operates in an important space within the University providing substantial financial aid awards to over 1,900 students annually and research opportunities to over one-third of the undergrad population through its contributions – which is why it was important for this launch to meet a set of messaging standards that would position this team for success, such as:

  • Personalized 1:1 content catered toward each benefactor
  • The ability to emulate the University’s spirit and proud history creating a lasting impression
  • The ability for the new, remote fundraising team to easily create customized presentations
  • Data to measure activity and create actionable follow up conversations
  • Meeting these requirements, DIGIDECK was recognized as a valuable tool to launch in-tandem with this new, energetic division within the fundraising team.


DIGIDECK stood out as a clear value-add to this new, growing team leveraging each custom presentation as an innovative way to leave behind relevant messaging. Many of DIGIDECK’s features and functionality warranted tremendous opportunity for this group to leverage, for instance:

  • The “Master Deck” functionality of DIGIDECK gives sellers the ability to choose slides critical to each benefactor’s needs and leave out content that isn’t relevant. With several “levels” of offerings, benefactors will only see slides that discuss the specific level they are currently pursuing.
  • Back-end analytics notify users when benefactors have opened their presentations and enable sellers to follow up in a highly targeted way optimizing the entire fundraising conversation from start to finish.
  • Unlimited, media-rich video and file capabilities give sellers the ability to embed University assets that create an immersive experience for benefactors to envision exactly where and how their dollars will be spent for maximum impact.

“DIGIDECK’s ability to send personalized content in a quick and efficient way allows us to provide captivating and valuable messaging during critical times in the fundraising cycle. Our team is spending less time creating content and more time building relationships with benefactors.”`

—Conor Montijo, Associate Director, Sorin Society


Users have benefited tremendously from DIGIDECK – contributing to the everyday activities of the team and optimizing the selling process during a pinnacle moment to the organization’s fundraising history. Sorin Society’s generosity of spirit is complemented by DIGIDECK’s immersive storytelling capabilities and innovation in presentation.

The Sorin Society’s contributions make the life-changing gift of a Notre Dame education possible through residential life, clubs and sports, faith-based programs and centers, and opportunities to participate in research with world-renowned professors. With these contributions projected to continue expanding, DIGIDECK is the perfect solution to elevate the Sorin Society story for years to come.

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