The San Diego Padres Boost Ticket Sales with DIGIDECK

The Challenge

The Padres needed a better way to manage and collaborate with a fast-growing ticket sales team. With more than thirty team members, it was a major challenge to ensure consistent brand messaging while maintaining the ability to create custom presentations tailored to different audiences.

Another key challenge was showcasing the ballpark experience to groups that could not make it to Petco Park for an in-person site visit. The Padres leadership team was also seeking a way to receive timely feedback from their reps and to speed up their sales cycle.

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San Diego Padres - case study

“DIGIDECK has definitely changed how quickly we can turn things around. Recently we pitched a large company that couldn’t come to the ballpark. They were an out-of-town group who wanted to come in and have a big event for their company. Through DIGIDECK I was able to get them to secure the space that day. That’s huge! For us, time is money, and we can now get things done faster without sacrificing quality.”

—Chelsea Dill, Senior Director, Tourism & Corporate Events

The Solution

Because DIGIDECK was built with these common pain-points in mind, the Padres were able to turn these challenges into strengths. Today, brand messaging is accurate across the entire sales organization. Padres ticket representatives are creating and customizing cloud-based presentations on the fly that originate from a central master deck. As a result, their marketing team is able to control brand positioning while sales reps tailor their pitch to the needs of their prospects.

The Padres felt visuals were a key component to sellingthe premium ticket experience. To convey the beauty of Petco Field and the extraordinary value of their suites and hospitality packages, they utilized 360-degreepanorama images within their DIGIDECK. Because DIGIDECK is cloud-based, there is no limit to the amount ofhigh-resolution images, videos, GIFs, infographics, or other media that can be used.

DIGIDECK has also increased the velocity of group ticket sales. Sportsdigita provides real-time alerts when someone has viewed a presentation so sales reps know the best moment to reach out for follow-up. Additional reports show chapter and slide views so the Padres know exactly which hospitality assets prospects spend the most time viewing.

The Results

A Faster Sales Cycle…
“When we looked at sales enablement platforms for our staff, we wanted a solution that allowed our team to tell impactful stories in an effective way. Sportsdigita takes the guess work out of proposal drafting, which has shortened our new sales cycle and given our team more time to strengthen customer relationships.”

– Eric McKenzie, VP, Sales & Service 

A Consistent Brand Message…

“When we made the decision to partner with Sportsdigita I had very high expectations. Now having worked with their team, I can say those expectations have been surpassed. Very simply, DIGIDECK has made our ticketing operation more effective across the board. The agility of the platform allows us to reach a very large sales team on the fly and keep everyone coordinated and on-message witha consistent look and feel for our brand.”

– Curt Waugh, Director of Group Tickets & Hospitality

Maximizing the Ballpark Experience…
“We are using DIGIDECK’s panoramas feature to give a better representation of our suites and hospitality spaces. We have several hospitality locations that are literally on the field for entertaining where you can catch a home run. It was tremendous to show those places in a way that did not look like a long flat space… that was really big for us.”

– Chelsea Dill, Manager, Corporate Events & Hospitality 


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