The Seattle Seahawks revamped their client onboarding processes with Sportsdigita

The Challenge

The challenges faced by the partnership activation team at the Seattle Seahawks to onboard new and current partners are common to organizations throughout the sports industry. The Seahawks did not have an onboarding tool for their sponsors nor a formal process to rely on to communicate deadlines, asset specifications, or activation strategies.

“We had a master word doc for really everything that we were offering our partners. We would have to customize each of them which would take some time. We weren’t providing visuals and it just wasn’t working. We were not fans of this process at all. It was just really inefficient and antiquated,” said Lisa Young, Director of Partnership Activation for the Seahawks.

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“A platform like DIGIDECK is not bound to sponsorship or sales. I think it can be used broadly across an organization. I’m an advocate for using it in any number of ways, whether it’s activation, sales, HR, or ticketing. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish from a business perspective, storytelling is what you are trying to do in a more unique and interactive way. DIGIDECK is the only platform that I have seen that can help you do that.”

—Lisa Young, VP Corporate Partnerships

The Solution

Lisa Young and her Seahawks colleagues recognized that Sportsdigita and DIGIDECK opened-up new opportunities and solved existing challenges. The cloud-based presentation software is an interactive tool used by sports and business professionals to build and share dynamic, visually engaging presentations customized for their brand. Its ease-of-use, integration opportunities, and advanced analytics ensure teams are armed with the data and information they need to both fulfill and activate partnerships to generate more revenue.

“DIGIDECK has really helped us become a lot more efficient,” said Young. “We’re able to send information out quicker and the communication is easier. We didn’t have a formal process before. And DIGIDECK became the catalyst for us to create a process for onboarding. We then developed an activation play-book on DIGIDECK platform which lays out our whole strategy. When we onboard new partners, we introduce them to DIGIDECK and give them a visual story of what their partnership is going to look like. Not simply the assets, but also how to activate with our trademark and show them best practices.”

The Results

DIGIDECK helps the Seahawks tell their story in a more effective way. The Seahawks are using it to introduce their partnership platforms, onboard new clients, and communicate to existing partners. “It’s a great conversation starter, especially for clients who aren’t familiar with the Seahawks. We can show who we are, what we are about, and our philosophy. It’s a great starting point that then leads to further conversations,” explained Young.

“We’re such visual people,” said Young. “We like to tell our story using custom content and visuals, coupled with important data and analytics. Our story is then more impactful, as showcased in DIGIDECK. We have a ton of digital signage and a certain vernacular that we use that may not be familiar to agencies or partners. The ability to demonstrate our vision has been extremely helpful, especially during the creative development process. We are able to show what really works on our boards and cut down on the back and forth in the creative process.”

“Our Partners have been very responsive to how we’re giving them information and how we are getting them acquainted with who we are and what we do. A lot of our partners have at least one agency, many of them have two or three between PR, activation, and creative. It’s a much more efficient way to share the same information across all those team members, and know they are seeing the same things. It’s been an instrumental part of how we’re growing our business,” said Young.

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