Woodbine Entertainment (Woodbine) is not only the largest horse racing entity in Canada but one of Toronto’s top entertainment and experiences companies. However, to effectively express all that the company has to offer, they needed a more streamlined and innovative approach to storytelling.

Woodbine’s most iconic facility is Woodbine Racetrack in Toronto. The nearly 700-acre Woodbine Racetrack property is undergoing a major transformation and evolving to establish itself as a global entertainment destination with multiple property development projects. While being part of Canada’s most exciting development project can attract interest from many areas, Woodbine’s Head of Corporate Partnerships, Groups, and Events, Daniel Caulfield and team needed a tool to accurately capture and capitalize on all the compelling developments.

“We had to find a way to convey the excitement and tell the story of what is coming to Woodbine in a unique way,” said Caulfield. “The large-scale projects and partnerships that we’re building require buy-in across multiple levels of businesses. We needed to arm our partners and potential partners with the tools to confidently initiate larger discussions within their organization about Woodbine opportunities, while also owning and sharing that story ourselves.”

The other immediate challenge was finding a way to better showcase and highlight the unique entertainment and hosting opportunities around Woodbine’s live world-class racing. “We’re fortunate to have amazingly unique venues and spaces for private groups and events at Woodbine and Woodbine Mohawk Park,” said Caulfield. “We host over 1,500 private events each year. With large expansion plans, the team needed a better way to illustrate the value of the venue’s numerous offerings, a way to maintain brand standards, and customizable options to quickly tailor solutions.”


Woodbine turned to the DIGIDECK by Sportsdigita to step up their presentation game at a pivotal point in the organization’s growth trajectory. From traditional horse racing to hosting concerts and major events, Woodbine’s identity now includes an eclectic variety of popular events and amenities meant to add new energy to the sport and create memorable experiences.

Through the DIGIDECK, Woodbine is now better able to tell the story of the momentous development, unique opportunities for partnerships, and a storied history to stakeholders nationwide.

Daniel Caulfield

“DIGIDECK enables our team to work more efficiently while delivering a highly customized, dynamic message to prospects and customers that represents our value. Our team is more agile and targeted than ever before.”

—Daniel Caulfield, Head of Corporate Partnerships, Groups, & Events


DIGIDECK has surpassed the Corporate Partnerships, Groups, and Events team expectations while helping to drive new partnership deals. Client feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

  • Rave Reviews: “We often hear audiences saying ‘WOW! What is this? I have never seen anything like this before….’ and it gives our team the confidence of knowing our presentation is leaving a lasting impression,” says Caulfield.
  • Analytics & Reporting: The analytics and reporting capabilities have given Woodbine an insightful look into when prospects are viewing their presentations and what portions of the deck are the most stimulating to them. “We love receiving email notifications that our decks are being viewed. It energizes our team and gives us the ability to follow up with prospects in a way that will resonate with their specific interests, in a timely manner.” Caulfield adds.
  • On-the-Fly Changes: “With so many arms within our organization, images and media assets often change throughout the year. Having the ability to go into a deck and change out these components on the fly is invaluable to our team.” Caulfield states.

“It’s an exciting time for horse racing in Canada and North America. Our partners are looking for unique ways to connect to our highly engaged audiences,” Caulfield shared. “Curating those brand moments and creating winning experiences for our guests is at the heart what we do. DIGIDECK, helps us tell our story.”


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