Customized presentations don’t have to be synonymous with countless hours. In fact, DIGIDECK users spend 1/10 less time creating custom presentations that go above and beyond what their audience is used to seeing. Less time creating = more time selling.

Start Off on the Right Foot with DIGIDECK Guided Selling

Foolproof your sales process with DIGIDECK’S guided selling. Instead of replicating an existing presentation or spending hours searching for “that one slide”, all your sellers need to do is input the prospect’s information and answer a few questions set by your company. The presentation will auto populate with the applicable slides.

With Guided Selling . . .

Make Each Presentation Your Own

There is no one-way approach to presentation creation. Even with guided selling in place, DIGIDECK users can take their presentations into their own hands by manually selecting slides, adjusting the slide sequence or adding buyer-specific information such as the company name or logo, etc. The easy-to-use allows users to adjust slides with animations, pop-up videos and images, or menu placement.

Take It a Step Further

Now, you’ve got a beautiful presentation you can’t wait to share with your prospects. How can you take it one step further to secure your place as a front runner?

Many DIGIDECK users add personalized videos to their presentations, helping them to provide more detailed information and color commentary.

Seamless Salesforce Integrations

DIGIDECK’s Salesforce integration saves time and frustration by allowing users to:

Not a Salesforce user? No problem. DIGIDECK has the ability to connect with nearly any cloud-based program out there.
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On average, those in sales-focused roles spend upwards of 15 hours/week building, editing and formatting custom collateral. With personalized sales journeys leading the way, sellers can’t afford not to customize but where do you draw the line?


Jumpstart each journey with DIGIDECK’s guided selling. Answering a few simple questions can save time searching for the right content and help start your salespeople off on the right foot.

"DIGIDECK makes our presentations innovative and 100% real-time."

“DIGIDECK allows us to customize presentations and easily tailor only the most relevant information for each meeting. Our team has transitioned into telling stories rather than reciting facts.”

Meghan Kelley Wehner, Dallas Regional Chamber
VP Membership & Revenue Growth

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