Customizing For The Future of Ticketing: Webinar With The MN Wild

Customizing For The Future of Ticketing

Today’s modern fan expects customized, efficient experiences when interacting with their favorite sports team – cookie cutter, status quo approaches will no longer cut it in the world of ticketing.

We joined our longtime NHL partners the Minnesota Wild last week for our best-attended webinar to-date to hear about their approach to ticketing and technology.

Joined by two powerhouse leaders who have been with the Minnesota Wild since its inception, Carin Anderson Senior VP, Corporate Partnerships & Retail and Maria Troje Poitras VP Sales & Service joined our hosts SportTechie for an impactful conversation about the ticketing landscape across the NHL and beyond.

Key Takeaways

Sportsdigita’s very own Christy Grady-Murray and Tom Bowden asked thoughtful questions throughout the conversation with the Minnesota Wild leading to 3 key takeaways from this session:

  • Integrate for the Future

Whenever possible, integrate your tech stack (i.e. Your marketing automation, CRM, + presentation platform) to create organizational efficiencies that will pay dividends down the road as you scale. The Minnesota Wild use Microsoft Dynamics’ DIGIDECK Integration to capture important lead data directly from their presentations without requiring any human effort. This allows them to follow up with targeted conversation with fans and prospects based on their integration’s insights.

  • Meeting Your Fans Where They Want to be Met

The modern fan /  partner wants your brand to meet them where and how they want to be met. While this may seem daunting, technology serves as a gateway to achieving this reality. Solutions like DIGIDECK Capture empower audiences to answer a short series of questions, and in real-time receive a custom presentation to their inbox, based on their answers. This serves always-accurate, always-on content to fans the moment they are engaged (shortening sales cycles) to drive revenue at all hours of the day.

AI chat bots, Loyalty programs, and mobile wallet / ordering are additional ways the Minnesota Wild are meeting their fans where they want to be met. By taking a mobile-first approach, younger demographics are immediately comfortable + familiar with your brand’s experience and are more likely to repeat their purchase(s) in future games and seasons.

  • Create A Unique Audience Experience

At the end of the day, teams across all leagues are working to create exceptional experiences for their fans and partners. If your team isn’t working to stand out from the competition, you’ll fall behind in the world of sports.

Technology coupled with an appetite for innovation centered around your audience experience are the key to growing your brand in the digital age.

By taking the Wild’s approach to technology, ticketing, and innovation your team can pitch like the pros and captivate your audience.

Want to hear the full webinar? Tune into this on-demand session below:

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