Data-Driven Decisions Start With DIGIDECK

You’ve probably heard the phrase “the numbers don’t lie” – and in the business of sports, the proof truly is in the numbers. Removing subjectivity (by leaning on your raw data and numbers) from the decision-making process is how the most profitable franchises in sports win BIG season after season:

Leveraging The Most Important Metric

Your fans, partners, and members deserve a streamlined, efficient experience every time they interact with your team – and no better way is there to measure engagement quickly than with the metric most indicative of interaction: real-time alerts.

DIGIDECK brings real-time alerts to every user notifying sellers the moment their audience is engaged (and presentation is opened). What better time to reach out to a prospect than when they actively research and evaluate their offerings with your team.? The numbers don’t lie – and neither do the alerts. 

Leveraging real-time alerts can shorten sales cycles dramatically by equipping sellers with the notifications needed to reach out to prospects in the moments that matter – closing more deals and driving more revenue efficiently and effectively.

Integrate For The Future

Beyond real-time alerts, integrating your tech stack (specifically integrating your presentation platform with your CRM) is another powerful way to leverage the data available to you to make informed, objective decisions. With DIGIDECK’s custom and templated integration abilities, your team can build, customize, track, and analyze every proposal without ever leaving your CRM. Even better? Every interaction within your proposal is then tracked and reflected instantaneously within your single source of truth: the CRM. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with each and every opportunity. Instead, integrate your most impactful tools and software within your tech stack to drive revenue faster and streamline your audience’s experience.

Additional Metrics That Matter

What other metrics matter when sending out your next presentation or proposal? With DIGIDECK, users can see where, for how long, and when each slide is viewed.

Is your prospect spending the most time in your Digital Assets chapter? Follow up with actionable takeaways based on those slides communicating which Digital activations you recommend to them in a personalized format. By doing this, you are immediately tapping into what’s most relevant to them and showing them you’ve listened (even if it’s the data driving your interactions). 

By utilizing the suite of metrics DIGIDECK offers to understand what information is essential to each viewer, your team will inherently become more accurate, efficient, and resourceful with every audience conversation.

Connecting The Dots

In the business of sports, using data to drive your decisions is the best way to take informed action. DIGIDECK makes it easy to leverage the most important metric for engagement: real-time alerts – allowing you to reach out to prospects when they are the most attentive. To further optimize your decision making process, consider integrating your tech stack in order to scale quickly for the future. Finally, DIGIDECK’s suite of analytics makes understanding what content is resonating with each audience easy and attainable. Take the emotions, politics, and controversy out of your decisions – leverage data to make informed decisions and watch your Franchise thrive in the digital age. The proof is in the numbers – and with DIGIDECK, those numbers make your life a whole lot easier.

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