DIGIDECK for Ticketing & Premium: An Overview

DIGIDECK for Ticketing & Premium: An Overview

As the #1 presentation platform in the sports industry, dozens of pro and minor league teams leverage DIGIDECK across Ticketing and Premium departments. As a versatile platform, DIGIDECK provides a full suite of solutions for the needs of each unique use case. 

Take a look below at DIGIDECK use cases across each step of the ticketing customer journey.

DIGIDECK for Every Stage of the Ticketing Customer Journey

As a dynamic, trackable presentation platform that removes the need for PowerPoints, PDFs, and even physical paper, DIGIDECK helps Ticketing and Premium teams at every stage of the buyer journey— from awareness to maintaining customer loyalty when it comes time for renewals. 

Automation capabilities, viewership analytics, and seamless integrations reduce the lift on ticketing teams while simultaneously producing more favorable revenue results.


DIGIDECK provides a full range of solutions to drive awareness about your ticket offerings while empowering your audience to learn more self-sufficiently as desired.

Awareness Team Activities:

During the awareness stage of the ticketing buyer journey, team activities often include: 

  • Establishing marketing campaigns to drive traffic 
  • Creating and launching microsites for those campaigns
  • Distributing messaging about season ticket wait lists

Awareness Use Cases

The DIGIDECK presentation platform is leveraged in the awareness stage of ticketing sales by providing the following solutions:

  • Custom Microsite & PURLs: DIGIDECK presentations are non-linear, allowing viewers to navigate through whichever topics are most applicable in a way that feels authentic. This allows every DIGIDECK presentation to function similarly to a custom microsite, complete with a trackable personal URL for each prospect. 
  • DIGIDECK Capture: Interested single ticket, premium, and group ticket buyers can fill out a form indicating their preferences. DIGIDECK Capture then automatically creates and sends a personalized proposal directly to their inbox with all the information they need and nothing they don’t. 
  • Social Media Posts: Share links to interactive DIGIDECKs on your social media posts to build brand awareness and track engagement.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: Provide access to frequently asked questions in a targeted, interactive, and visually-appealing DIGIDECK presentation. 



DIGIDECK makes the consideration process easier by capturing what every audience cares most about while integrating with the technology applications you’re already familiar with.

Consideration Team Activities

As prospects move into the consideration stage and get closer to completing a sale, common team activities in this stage involve:

  • Setting meetings 
  • Establishing a preview center and closing room
  • Taking deposits

Consideration Use Cases

DIGIDECK supports activities in the consideration phase with: 

  • Favoriting: Allow your prospects to “favorite” their most desirable offerings directly on your slides, and DIGIDECK automatically curates their favorites on a separate picklist. 
  • Custom Presentations: Immerse your prospects into the real game-day experiences by automating custom presentations complete with 360° panoramic views and virtual tours of suites, seating areas, and premium amenities. 
  • Integrations: Avoid endless copying and pasting by taking advantage of DIGIDECK integrations. Integrate data from your CRM as well as spreadsheets, calendars, contracts, and payment platforms.
  • PURL Campaigns: Every individual DIGIDECK presentation comes with a trackable, sharable personal URL— ideal for PURL campaigns in the consideration phase.
  • Personalized Meeting Booking: Integrate your personal calendar and allow prospects to book a meeting with you directly from your slide to reduce lag time.


Getting more deals in the door is achievable with DIGIDECK’s ability to embed or integrate documents and payment links directly into presentations while tracking conversions.

Acquisition Team Activities

As teams move into the acquisition phase to secure business, common team activities include:

  • Providing a Premium & Suite sales center 
  • Accommodating general online ticket purchasing needs
  • Communicating with ticket buyers post purchase

Acquisition Use Cases

As you transition into acquisition, DIGIDECK fulfills multiple use cases:

  • New Business Sales: Dominate all inside ticketing sales— single tickets, season tickets, personal seat licenses, premium, and group sales with a centralized asset library and automated rulesets that ensure prospects receive fully custom proposals in a fraction of the time. Analytics allow team members to see which slides resonate most with prospects for more intentional follow-ups and deal closures. 
  • Client Portal/Hub: Utilize DIGIDECK to provide a one-stop landing for everything your season ticket holders or premium audiences need to access throughout the season.
  • Integrations: Integrate your payment portal and contract with DIGIDECK to provide access to important documents in one centralized location.
  • Campaign Deposit Microsite/Landing Page: Leverage DIGIDECK to instantly create and send a campaign deposit microsite or landing page to new partners. This is used heavily by ticketing teams during renewal and auto-renewal campaigns as well as to join the waitlist for an upcoming season.


Servicing ticketing or premium accounts is seamlessly achieved through DIGIDECK’s ability to automate campaigns while integrating with CRM data to paint an accurate picture of revenue opportunities.

Service Team Activities

After securing a membership, partnership, or single-game sale, team activities move into the service phase. Team activities in this phase include:

  • Customer service communication 
  • Special events 
  • Upsells, recaps, and renewals

Service Use Cases

Lighten the load on your team by leveraging DIGIDECK to provide excellent customer service:

  • Automated Renewal Campaigns: Renewal campaigns are commonly a heavy lift— but not with DIGIDECK. Teams like the Brooklyn Nets use DIGIDECK for automated renewal campaigns to decrease the demand on their teams and increase renewal rates. 
  • Membership, Premium, and Group Recaps: DIGIDECK allows you to create and send interactive recap presentations in a few clicks. These branded presentations keep your members engaged and excited for the next season.
  • CRM Integrations: Integrate DIGIDECK with your CRM to make recaps and renewals a breeze. DIGIDECK will automatically input your members’ information into a custom presentation so your team doesn’t have to lift a finger. 
  • Quarterly Business Reviews: Gain back valuable time to prep for your QBR when you rely on DIGIDECK for the presentation. Assemble an on-brand, engaging, 100% personalized presentation for your ticketing opportunities in just a few clicks. 
  • Venue & Safety Protocol Updates: Keep your partners informed of any venue updates without requiring a time-consuming lift from your team. Automatically send updated info about parking, construction, theme nights, and more with DIGIDECK.
  • Know Before You Go: Assemble consistent, engaging Know Before You Go guides in DIGIDECK to send to before a big event.
  • Season Ticket Member Hub: Create the ultimate hub or portal for your members by storing all the information they need in one interactive place within DIGIDECK. Members can easily navigate to the content they need without having to click linearly through a presentation or scroll through a PDF.


DIGIDECK drives loyalty for your most engaged audiences by serving as a one-stop-shop for every need they may have after purchase.

Loyalty Team Activities

Ticketing professionals know that it’s not enough to just secure the initial sale. Ticketing and Premium teams means playing the long game and instilling loyalty in your partners and members. During the loyalty phase, team activities include:

  • Creating rewards programs 
  • Planning special events for members 
  • Fan appreciation initiatives

Loyalty Use Cases

Keep the momentum going and create partner loyalty by using DIGIDECK to your advantage:

  • Client Portal/Hub: Partners receive the red carpet treatment when you deliver them a hub within DIGIDECK that contains all the information they need to know for the season in one centralized location.
  • Special Messages: Deploy custom messaging for fan appreciation, events, or rewards through a branded, interactive DIGIDECK.   
  • Event Invitations: Seamlessly send special event invitations to members, partners, and ticket holders. DIGIDECK allows you to easily narrow in your content and audience depending on the type of event to show your appreciation.
  • Loyalty Rewards: Use your DIGIDECK to communicate member rewards, including visual details and how to claim them.

Additional Ways to Leverage DIGIDECK for Ticketing

There are endless ways to utilize DIGIDECK in the ticketing and premium space. Beyond the five stages of the customer journey covered above, other popular use cases for DIGIDECK for ticketing include:


Leverage DIGIDECK in place of email newsletters and track which slides your prospects and partners spend the most time on for more meaningful follow-ups and future engagement.

Virtual Game Day

Ditch the printed paper in favor of virtual game day programs. Dozens of sports organizations of all sizes use DIGIDECK for virtual game day programs assembled in a few clicks. New player on the team? Global Updates allow you to instantly update all virtual programs at the same time.

Internal Training

Take advantage of more engaging training presentations than PowerPoints for effective internal training initiatives. House all your training information in one centralized location.

Implement DIGIDECK on Your Ticketing Team

Sports organizations of all sizes, from minor league teams with limited staff to high-profile professional leagues, leverage DIGIDECK for their ticketing initiatives to increase revenue, automate campaigns, and integrate their existing tech stack all while customizing the entire process to build personal relationships. 

Join teams like the Brooklyn Nets, San Diego Padres, Minnesota United FC, Boise Hawks and more to streamline your ticketing and premium processes with DIGIDECK. Get started with a free demo to learn more!

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