True to the notion that entrepreneurs often build their dream businesses while the plane is attempting to fly, those female business owners or early adopters have had to chart a course without direction and sometimes defined paths.

Female entrepreneurs in sectors that men have historically dominated have stretched the research sector looking for both clues and answers.

The Tackling the Global Profitarchy: Gender and the Choice of Business Sector study (Goldstein, Gonzalez, and Papineni 2019) found that female entrepreneurs focus on relatively less profitable sectors than those [sectors] pursued by male entrepreneurs.

The World Bank’s The Breaking Barriers: Female Entrepreneurs Who Cross Over to Male-Dominated Sectors report denotes the additional challenge of female entrepreneurs potentially being surrounded by glass walls. According to the report, the impact is noticed when women attempt to enter more traditionally male-dominated sectors (MDS), making it challenging for them to enter more profitable, traditionally male-dominated sectors (MDS).

India reports that female entrepreneurs from the country have continued to expand individual businesses and increase economic impact across the country. According to The Times of India, the country currently has 13.5-15.7 million women-owned businesses that provide direct employment to 22–27 million people.

Taking an example of the legal profession, the percentage of female partners in the top law firms was merely 12.5% in 2010, which jumped to 17.34% in 2015 and around 30% by 2020. In addition, other unconventional areas such as robotics, IT, accounting, finance, and sales have also witnessed a consistent increase in the number of women entrepreneurs.

This [increased opportunity], according to Indian Lawyer Roma Priya, has led to an overall rise in females exploring their passion and entrepreneurship skills in traditional and unconventional sectors.

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