Introducing Digideck’s Canva Integration

Digideck Canva Integration

Our newest integration partner opens up a world of creative possibilities for Digideck users – all from within the platform. Welcome, Canva!

Millions of designers, creatives, and marketing professionals across the globe have chosen Canva as their go-to tool for cloud-based design. Canva’s ever expanding set of features and design elements will now be at the fingertips of Digideck users creating engaging presentations.

With Digideck and Canva both web-based platforms we’re able to offer a fully streamlined user experience that allows for the creation and editing of Canva images, graphs, infographics and more without having to leave Digideck. This exciting partnership not only saves the time of switching between platforms but gives Digideck users the ability to continually enhance and improve their Digidecks with the multitude of Canva’s dynamic creative elements.

Let’s take a look behind the scenes at the power of this integration.


Create a Canva Image in Digideck

As you can see from the video, you’re a few clicks away from creating an image in Canva and placing it on a Digideck slide. From anywhere within Digideck where you can upload or select an image, simply press this button and Canva is available to help you take your Digideck to a new level.

Create on Canva Button


Edit a Canva Image in Digideck

Inevitably every piece of creative goes through a few rounds of edits and those rounds can all be done from within the Digideck platform. The video on the right shows how easy it is to open up an image created on Canva and make your edits. This is all done without having to switch to Canva, make your edits, download, then re-upload to Digideck.

Canva Edit Button

To learn more about the Digideck and Canva integration you can request a demo or, if you’re a current Digideck user, simply reach out to your Customer Success Manager!



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