Our Story

Digideck was introduced in 2011 by Sportsdigita and its founder Angelina Lawton.

After revolutionizing sales enablement in the sports industry with teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, and Dallas Cowboys, Digideck began expanding its reach to the enterprise space.

The growth and popularity of Digideck in the sports industry, landed many enterprise companies in the audience seat to witnessing the power of this cloud-based presentation platform first-hand during meetings with franchise partners.

Built on the foundation of three core value propositions, Digideck focuses on:



Create marketing and sales efficiencies that empower all teams within your organization.



Enable your sales and marketing leaders to protect your brand and ensure a consistent and positive brand experience.



Enhance sales effectiveness and business outcomes with a dynamic, agile platform.

Today, Digideck is used by leaders at over 350+ organizations globally including Cargill, Visa, UnitedHealth Group, and Ticketmaster.

By shortening sales cycles, driving revenue growth, and offering real-time back-end analytics, Digideck is quickly becoming an unstoppable force in the world of sports, enterprise, and beyond.

Digideck Clients