Sales Enablement

Provide Powerful Tools To Your Sales Team

Sales Enablement empowers your reps to present your organization consistently and effectively. Providing powerful, on-brand, on-message tools and content helps sales reps work more efficiently, ultimately selling more, faster.

The Digideck bring Sales Enablement to the most basic of sales tasks, the sales presentation. Master Decks lock down branding and key messaging. Powerful integrations and a user-friendly back-end allow for fast customizations for each client.

With typical sales enablement content, reps send out PDFs or PowerPoint decks and are never really sure what happens. With attachments, there’s no way to be certain whether your prospect looked at the content you sent them.

The Digideck is cloud based, and offers you powerful analytics on every presentation you share. Through the Digideck’s Insights tools, you can see:

  • Who opened each presentation
  • How much time they spent in each presentation
  • What content your prospects focused on
  • How many presentations sales reps create
  • How long reps are taking to create their presentations

The Digideck helps you sell more, faster, by letting your sales reps focus on the most important content for each prospect.

Most users of the Digideck create powerful decks in 13 minutes or less. Preselects allow sales reps to quickly pull only the most relevant slides into their presentations, specific to that prospect’s needs. Master Styles let reps quickly apply a different overall style to the entire presentation, a great feature for companies selling into different verticals.

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