Sportsdigita Named to Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal Fast 50 List

[MINNEAPOLIS, Oct. 23, 2020] –Sportsdigita announced today that it has been ranked No. 41 by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal at its Fast 50 Awards reception. Sportsdigita lands on the 2020 Fast 50 list with a revenue growth rate topping 54% from 2017 to 2019. For insight into Sportsdigita’s organization, the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal asked CEO Angelina Lawton:
  • What are some business decisions your executive team made that were critical to your company’s growth from 2017 to 2019?
    • The first business decision that was critical to Sportsdigita’s growth was the expansion into the B2B/enterprise side of the business. Originally, Digideck was created with the sports industry in mind. After its success skyrocketed, it was clear Digideck’s expansion beyond sports was necessary. The second business decision that was critical to growth was raising money through venture capital. This enabled Sportsdigita to expand into untapped markets and elevate the Digideck platform for organizations worldwide.
  • What’s the biggest challenge facing your company right now?
    • Sportsdigita’s biggest challenge right now is adding the right, strategic people to the team. Investing in new departments and expanding our existing ones will undoubtedly determine the success of our platform as we continue to grow. Having the best team members during this growth stage is critical to our business.
  • What strategies are you using to tackle it?
    • The most important strategy we use in order to find the right additions to the team is to tap into our networks. There has never been a more important time to grow your network and build relationships through LinkedIn and other mediums. This is where our strategy starts. With the relationship-focused world of sales, having shared contacts is a turnkey way to bring the proper team members on board in an effective way.
  • How has the coronavirus pandemic affected your company’s operations?
    • Operationally, we were fortunate enough to pivot to a 100% remote workforce during the thick of the pandemic with ease. Because of Digideck’s versatility, we really did not miss a step with this transition. Digideck works from any environment on any device! Now, we are able to be back at the office with the proper social distancing and health regulations in place.
  • Where do you expect your company’s revenue to be at for 2020, and why?
    • Because of Digideck’s success and its ability to fuel any organization’s transition to remote selling and collaboration, we definitely expect higher revenue in 2020 than 2019. The enterprise side of our business is really catching on to the power of our technology, and more organizations are joining our customer base each week.
  • What are your top goals for the year ahead?
    • We want to achieve our aggressive product roadmap goals, including the introduction of a major feature release called Digideck Live, which is essentially a one-stop-shop for selling and can serve as a Zoom replacement for our customers. We want to continue to consider strategic investments, as this has been critical to our growth historically.

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