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The Covid-19 pandemic has shifted how organizations of all shapes and sizes operate. Companies are navigating uncharted waters and learning to adapt to business practices unlike anything we’ve seen before. For those in Sales, gone are the traditional days of “smile and dial” or in-person coffee catch ups. Now, the new normal includes remote selling and attempts to break through the noise.

While we continue to figure out how to make the “new norm” work for our respective companies, it is important to get strategy on the forefront. How can you ensure your organization will achieve its sales goals and revenue numbers despite an ever-changing environment?

That’s a loaded question that we are definitely not qualified to answer BUT, we have created a solution to standing out in a crowded, busy, virtual environment. Over the last few months, the DIGIDECK team has worked tirelessly to create DIGIDECK LIVE, a virtual video-chat experience that integrates perfectly with the DIGIDECK platform. Let’s take a look at the key features and benefits.

Video Conferencing

First and foremost, DIGIDECK LIVE delivers a world class video-chat experience directly in the DIGIDECK platform. This means users don’t have to send separate meeting links (or meeting links at all) in order to meet with those viewing their presentations.

Real-time Alerts

In fact, sellers will be alerted the minute a prospect opens their presentation and can engage in a chat, video conference, or co-browsing experience within minutes.

Instant Chat

There’s no time like the present! DIGIDECK LIVE provides the perfect opportunity to answer questions or address concerns immediately directly in the platform.


Optimize customer audio and video sharing experiences across all devices using slide sync functionality.

Record Your Meetings

Allow your message to go even further. By recording your DIGIDECK LIVE session, your prospects can easily share information to all decision-makers. This also provides an opportunity for reps to share internally and gather feedback.

Regardless of how you feel on the matter, virtual selling is here to stay. Therefore, it is imperative to implement the proper strategies that will position your teams for the new, touch-less future of selling. Bring the future of sales to your team’s fingertips with the cloud-based power of DIGIDECK LIVE.

Drive Virtual Sales with DIGIDECK:

  • Real-time notifications alert you when someone views your deck, prompting you to connect in the app via chat or video
  • Create stunning and interactive online catalogs
  • Presentations are sent via a link. No downloads necessary

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