Introducing Digideck LIVE

In today’s world, most organizations are navigating uncharted waters. Sales teams have gone from the traditional days of “smile and dial” in-office to a new remote, touch-less way of selling in a matter of months.

While your team continues to navigate this new remotely powered world, it is important to deploy the proper strategies to ensure your organization can (and will) achieve your sales goals and revenue numbers despite an ever-changing environment. Enter: Digideck LIVE

Key Features & Benefits

  • Video conferencing: Deliver a world class video-chat experience when communicating with prospects directly in the Digideck platform.
  • Real-time alerts: Sellers will be alerted the minute a prospect opens their sales presentation or proposal and can choose to engage in a chat, video conference, or co-browsing experience within minutes.
  • Chat feature: Engage and communicate immediately with your prospects directly in the platform.
  • Co-browsing: Optimize customer audio and video sharing experiences across all devices using slide sync functionality.
  • Record Your Meetings: Provide prospects a recording of your Live session to share with their decision making teams as well as give reps the opportunity to share internally and gather feedback.

Virtual selling is here to stay – it is imperative to implement the proper strategy to position your team for the new, touch-less future of selling. It is time to bring the future of sales to your team’s fingertips with the cloud-based power of Digideck LIVE.

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