Digideck Support Policy

This Sportsdigita Support Policy (“Support Policy”) accompanies the Sportsdigita End User Terms of Service set forth at https://www.thedigideck.com/end-user-terms-service or a successor URL (the “Agreement”) entered into between you (“Customer”) and Sportsdigita (“Supplier”). Capitalized terms used in this Support Policy that are not defined herein have the meanings given to them in the Agreement.

Sportsdigita offers support services for the Service (“Support “) in accordance with the following terms:

  1. Phone Support. Supplier shall provide a telephone number, answered by Supplier staff knowledgeable in the Subscription Service, from 9:00 a.m. Central time to 6:00 p.m. Central time, Monday through Friday, except on US holidays, for purposes of providing assistance to Customer in its use of the Subscription Service, to resolve problems, and to communicate information (“Phone Support”).
  2. Chat Support. Customer may report errors or abnormal behavior of the Service by contacting Supplier in the Service via the Chatt Messenger or via email at support@sportsdigita.com.
  3. Preventive Support. Supplier shall undertake reasonable efforts to prevent any failure of the Subscription Service to function in conformance with the Documentation.  These efforts include, as appropriate and without limitation:  (i) advising Customer of all pertinent problems encountered by other Subscription Service users; (ii) performing the remedial work required to prevent problems encountered by other Subscription Service users from affecting Customer’s Subscription Service use; (iii) proactively remedying any security flaws; and (iv) reviewing data provided by Customer on the Subscription Service operation to ascertain potential problems.
  4. Error Correction. Supplier shall undertake the efforts necessary to promptly correct any Defect.  Customer may report a Defect via Phone Support or email or other means made available by Supplier.  Supplier shall use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to any question or respond to a reported issue within two (2) hours of the Defect being reported.  “Defect” means any error, omission, or deviation within the Subscription Service that prevents its successful operation in accordance with the Documentation.