DIGIDECK is the Best Kept Secret in B2B Presentation Platforms

Are your business’s sales and marketing teams frequently asking these questions about your prospects?

  • Did they ever open my proposal?
  • Are they paying attention to the right slides?
  • Did I include the most impactful content for their use case?
  • When should I follow up?

What if there was a way to solve these problems directly within your presentation platform? 


DIGIDECK is the preeminent presentation platform for 500+ leading organizations across the globe. DIGIDECK does what PowerPoint and PDFs can’t do by combining striking visual designs with innovative sales enablement features.

Features That Shorten Your Sales Cycle

Does this sound familiar? 

Your teams spend hours, or even weeks, on manually creating sales presentations, proposals, and recaps. Assets are spread out over multiple locations, and content constantly needs review to ensure it’s in line with your brand standards. Then, when you finally send out the presentation, you have no way of knowing what slides resonated with your prospect or if they even opened it in the first place.

Hundreds of top organizations around the world have turned to DIGIDECK to improve their presentation engagement, shorten their sales cycle, and add dozens of hours back into their workweeks.

Viewership Analytics

See exactly who opened your presentation, when, and how long they viewed each slide for better follow-ups.

Instant Automations

Use a qualifying form to automate a personalized presentation instantly sent to your prospect’s inbox.

CRM Integrations

Integrate DIGIDECK with Salesforce, Hubspot, and other popular CRMs for data-driven automations.

Live Chat Capabilities

Get notified the second someone opens your presentation and live chat with them to reduce lag time.

Dynamic Design

Stand out from boring PowerPoints with dynamic, interactive, and 100% on-brand designs.

B2B Presentations Case Study: Atomic Data


DIGIDECK empowered Atomic Data to seamlessly create interactive presentations to drive growth.

  • Transformed the collaboration between sales and marketing
  • Shortened sales cycle from 120 days down to 30 days
  • Intelligent insights created new sales processes

Transform Your B2B Presentations

See for yourself how trackable analytics, time-saving automations, a centralized media library, and many more innovative features will increase your revenue by 20% and cut your content creation time in half.

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