The Evolution of Sports In Tech

American Daily - Angelina Lawton

The inclusion of technology in sports has been prolific, fast-paced, and lucrative for teams and leagues around the globe. Tech advancements have enhanced the scope of sporting events and elevated the experience for audiences worldwide. Moreover, the use case of technology in sports shows implications of massive revenue generation while simultaneously providing a constant stream of entertainment. Angelina Lawton, who was formerly with the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning as the SVP of Corporate Communications before founding her own sports technology organization, shares her take on the evolution of Sports-Tech and what it means for the future.

“The sports industry was cautious in adopting tech innovations in the early years. People are always surprised to hear how resistant to change some of the most iconic teams in sports once were. However, it is growing exponentially now, and teams are recognizing the importance of their digital footprint,” observes Angelina Lawton. Before 2020, sports tech mostly referred to the existence of media platforms, sports, data & analytics software, and biometrics.

Cut to 2021, the global sports technology market drove… read more

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