5 Ways to Book More Demos

With the number of platforms, channels, and prospecting tools available these days, filling your pipeline with qualified opportunities can be daunting.

Join us to hear from a panel of seasoned professionals that will dive into tips and tricks to help you book more demos.

The panelists will focus on their best prospecting practices regarding:
1. Phone Calls
2. Emails
3. LinkedIn
4. Video
5. Unconventional methods

Original air date: July 22, 2021.


Ashley Zagst

Ashley is known in the LinkedIn world for her advice and knowledge on all things sales, inbound marketing, and sales development. Currently, an Account Executive at Chili Piper, Ashley has vast experience in both Sales Development Representative and Team Lead roles. Also, Ashley is a founding member of SDR Nation, a membership-based community that accelerates SDRs.

Steven Schmidt

Steven is the founder and current CEO of TIDAL, a company that has created more than $160 million in closed revenue in the past 12 months. Among Steven’s 20+ years of sales experience, he spent time as the Senior Vice President of Sales at WeShield, Chief Revenue Officer at NEXVOO, and Sales Director at Kinetic.

Zoe Hartsfield

Zoe is the current Community/Partner Manager at Dooly, who loves sharing tips on sales development, personal brand, and career development. Zoe’s goal is to help people build better relationships drawing on her experience at BombBomb as a BDR and Community Marketing Associate.