Sales Strategies You Can’t Ignore Heading into Q4

The highly anticipated Q4 push is almost upon us and this year the pressure to perform might be the most important yet for companies. While your sales team might feel strapped on time, we have 5 strategies you can quickly implement ahead of Q4 that require little to no monetary investment.

Join us Wednesday, July 18 at noon to discover sales strategies you can’t ignore heading into Q4!


Tony Farnsworth – VP of Sales at Sportsdigita
With 20+ years of sales experience specializing in SaaS organizations, Tony has been successfully leading teams with his high-energy, proactive approach to sales. Tony leads through rapid change by unleashing organizations’ most critical asset – the people.

Chris Calcasola – Director of Sales – Enterprise at Total Expert
Chris leads a 15+ person sales team with his proven sales methodology to create relationships and achieve quota. He is known for developing and closing multi-channel sales initiatives to chief officers across a variety of industries.

Sales Strategies You Can't Ignore Heading Into Q4

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