Tired of spending hours crafting the perfect presentation or proposal only to send it off and never hear another peep? DIGIDECK analytics arm you and your team with actionable insights into what your audience really cares about. Cut out the guesswork and start delivering a better customer experience.

Too Much of the Wrong Data Isn't Getting You Anywhere

Your teams have the ability to track nearly everything yet you really just want to know if your solution will fit your audience’s problem. What’s the most efficient way to uncover what they care about and take immediate action?

Sales Made Simple

Sales is a constantly changing work of art. DIGIDECK doesn’t have all the answers but we can sure make it a lot easier for you.

  • Instant notifications when your presentation is opened help secure your first place spot in line 
  • Slides viewed and slide view time narrows down exactly what peaks their interest or where they might be getting stuck, helping to craft your follow-up and prove you’re willing to take it a step further to get their questions answered
  • Basic demographics such as location help personalize your approach

Leaders Love DIGIDECK Analytics

Easily manage your team’s progress and results with DIGIDECK’s reporting.

  • Quickly compare weekly, monthly, quarterly or across campaigns
  • Auto-generated graphs allow you to instantly see the number of presentations created over a selected period of time
  • See what content resonates and what doesn’t to adjust course and stay ahead of the game

“DIGIDECK brought our storytelling to the next level while simultaneously driving results.”

“DIGIDECK’s integration with Salesforce allows our team to easily track presentation views and follow up to prospects with highly targeted communication ultimately driving more meaningful conversations and overall success stories.”

John Watson
VP Sales
Yellow Flag Productions

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