BDO Stands Out + Streamlines Processes With DIGIDECK


As one of the worldwide leaders in assurance, tax, and financial advisory services, BDO needed a way to stand out in a highly competitive and regulated marketplace by delivering  a proposal experience that’s a cut above the rest.  Proposals and new business materials were text-heavy, outdated, and linear.

“We were stuck using outdated PowerPoints and PDFs for our proposals to show our value in an industry where our appetite for innovation needs to be shown in all we do. From initial conversation all the way to converting to become a customer, we wanted our assets to match our approach to innovation at BDO… and they were just falling flat,” Barbara shares. 

Now, with cloud-based presentation capabilities, BDO’s Transfer Pricing Division is able to confidently send out custom proposals to prospects that not only impresses, but also leads to closed-won business.

In an industry where data, charts, and financial jargon fill up the majority of content, BDO has taken a different approach. With DIGIDECK, BDO’s content feels as dynamic and immersive as some of the professional sports teams using the same technology.
Beyond the allure of flashy presentations, DIGIDECK will drive real business outcomes for BDO.
DIGIDECK’s easy-to-use interface + integration capabilities save sellers 50% of the time they typically spend making presentations.

Other DIGIDECK users have seen revenue increases of 20% annually since making the switch to DIGIDECK. For more information about how DIGIDECK is driving exceptional digital experiences, click here.

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