Understanding Revenue Acceleration

What is revenue acceleration?

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Swapping Just One Tool Can Add up to Seven-Digit Revenue Acceleration

Revenue acceleration is the process of generating more revenue in the same amount of time and focuses on optimizing already successful teams.

Think Fitness
Changing just one thing someone does every day affects multiple areas — like an optimized diet. Cleaner, more accessible and vitamin-rich foods help a body move better, faster and more efficiently. 

Like swapping breakfast biscuits for oats and egg whites in the morning, focusing on Revenue Acceleration helps speed up sales cycles and improve productivity while making all parts of a business more effective.

Revenue acceleration means making your best better without adding extra effort. Often, it starts with your tech stack:

  • Adding DocuSign or a similar eSignature software to your CRM closes deals faster. 
  • Using QR codes in place of business cards at live events introduces you to and engages your future clients.

The more effective, consistent and productive sales can be with their presentations and collateral, the faster revenue accelerates.

Problems for Sellers in the 21st Century

On any day, sellers only spend ⅓ of their time selling. 

Instead, they’re wasting time formatting and finding collateral, entering data and completing other tasks technology probably should’ve solved by now.

With less time to sell, there are fewer opportunities to close, making it feel like the “yes” is just as far away as it’s always been. 

500 million people use PowerPoint today. 

They aren’t using it because it’s the best. They’re using it because they don’t have a better solution that can consistently drive better results and is easy enough to implement.

Revenue Acceleration with a Presentation Platform

The best way to accelerate revenue is to look at the weakest link in a specific area. We’ve found that 99% of the time, that weak link lives in the sales deck.

Rather than changing the overall message, businesses can accelerate revenue by changing the medium (PPT). 

Switching to a presentation platform can:

  • Cut presentation creation time down to 1/10
  • Add 5 Full-Time-Employees’ worth of hours a year
  • Generate 10% more revenue a year

Take NO2 Solutions for example. NO2 Solutions is a mid-sized company with a stellar team and they’re looking to grow. 

Previously, building custom presentations could take them over an hour. However, with a presentation platform, the intel from their CRM can populate presentations with prospect name, company, logos and goals, helping them shave 25% off of each presentation created.

All-in-all, that’s almost 11,000 hours a year. 

Even if the team used most of that saved time around the water cooler, it would still equal a whole extra salesperson’s revenue of $96,000.

The Next Step to Revenue Acceleration: Making Content More Compelling

The average deal value for NO2 is $28k and it takes about 10 deals/rep to achieve goal. 

With better, more engaging presentations driven by the right content at the right time, NO2 sellers win more. If they can close even just one more deal a year per salesperson, the company would earn an additional $1.484 million a year.

Tallying the Wins:

  • 11,000 hours saved across the entire sales team
  • 53 more deals closed
  • Overall company revenue accelerated by 10%

By changing one tool, NO2 brought hours of prep down to just a few minutes. Even better, the team reported feeling like there was an extra person building content. 

Their flat, one-dimensional presentations turned into immersive, multi-media experiences custom-tailored to their audience. Because of it, they’re consistently closing an extra deal a week.

These ROI numbers are specific to one company. If you think it would work just as well, or half as well for you—we’re happy to show you what that could look like. 

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