Enhance the overall buyer experience with immediate and relevant content curated just for them. DIGIDECK’s marketing automation helps reduce countless discovery questions yet delivers exactly what your prospects are looking for.

Automate Demand Generation Efforts

Spending way too much time on content for leads that don’t go anywhere? DIGIDECK presentations help streamline marketing automation through:

Automated Content

Utilize custom form fields to ask the most important questions up front and automation to deliver just the content that’s relevant to them.

Enhanced Engagement

Let your DIGIDECK do the talking with endless videos, images, infographics, etc. Optimize follow-ups by knowing what content leads were most interested in and how long they engaged with each slide.

Real-time Connection

Answer questions and provide additional information around their main objectives via chat or video conference right in the presentation.


Sourcing and delivering relevant content adds way too much time and complexity to your sales cycle. Your prospects and your sales team want to cut to the chase and skip the extra calls and emails.


Automate part of your demand generation efforts to personalize and enhance the buyer journey. Free up marketing and sales to increase focus on generating additional pipeline and revenue in other channels.

“We are expecting a 20% increase in revenue this year thanks to DIGIDECK.”

Since implementing over 12 months ago, Atomic Data has been able to pivot to selling virtually during the challenges brought on with COVID-19 and project a 20% increase in revenue.
-Jim Wolford, CEO Atomic Data

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