Effective Sales Enablement Needs Defined Content Strategy

Ever tried putting together a piece of furniture without the directions?

That’s what it’s like to approach sales enablement without content strategy. Success is possible, but it can take twice as long. If you’re lucky.

Every sales team wants to work smarter and faster, moving prospects to customers in less time, with less training, and less overhead. That’s where content strategy comes in.

Having a content strategy mitigates the risk of an unprepared and ineffective sales presentation and allows for content personalization that draws in customers and keeps them engaged until the deal is done.

The State of Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement, which includes the strategies, tools and processes that help sales teams sell more effectively, continues to grow. Some analysts project that the Sales Enablement industry will grow to over $5 billion by 2021.

According to CSO Insights’ 2018 research, compared to organizations without enablement, companies that have a sales enablement function enjoy double-digit improvements in quota attainment (22 percent) and win rates for forecast deals (14 percent).

A separate study from Highspot showed that 63% of organizations using sales enablement tools are on track to achieve their sales goals, compared to just 48% of organizations not using sales enablement tools.

Why Content Strategy?

It’s content that fuels sales enablement. The best sales enablement tools and strategies still rely on having relevant content to share with prospects and customers. Because of expanding content needs, investing resources in content strategy is more important than ever for sales and marketing teams alike.

In the sales enablement process, the right content shortens the sales cycle, builds brand consistency, and stimulates collaborative buy-in. A coherent strategy empowers your team to use the sales enablement tools and content to answer a prospect’s questions in the moment. Sales reps can generate and share personalized, targeted content while staying on-brand and on-message.

Content strategy ensures you have the right content for your prospects at the right time. It considers your customer’s journey from awareness, through consideration, and on to activation in order to provide them with the most relevant information at each stage.

If you’re looking for an integrated approach to sales enablement focused on getting content, people, process, and technology strategically aligned to drive sales success, contact the Digideck today.