Why Your Business Needs A Sales Enablement Strategy

Your sales reps act as your front line, representing your company to clients and prospects.  Have you equipped your team with the right tools to engage with clients? Are your reps representing your organization consistently and effectively?

Sales Enablement empowers your reps to present your organization in the best possible way, through a combination of tools, content, collateral, and in some cases even training. A Sales Enablement Strategy can create a powerful framework that supports and unifies your sales and marketing team.

Things get messy without strategy

We’ve all encountered sales reps who throw everything but the kitchen sink your way, hoping you’ll find something appealing in the mix. More often than not, this approach overwhelms prospects, and loses the opportunity.

Without a strategy in place, reps feel pressure to share anything and everything they can find in hopes of somehow connecting with a prospect. A strategic approach can build the bridge that connects marketing, sales, and clients.

There’s a better way

A Sales Enablement Strategy gives your reps a blueprint to follow. With the right strategy, reps can confidently share on-brand, on-message content that’s right for each stage in the customer journey.

The best Sales Enablement Strategies come from strong collaboration between Marketing and Sales. Marketing teams need to understand what the Sales team does and where their challenges and opportunities lie. Marketing then takes responsibility for developing content and tools to help Sales be successful.

The heart of the strategy

Whatever kind of business you’re in, there’s a point in your sales process where your rep is conferencing with the prospect. There’s always content at the heart of that conversation. It might be a demo, a presentation, a walkthrough, or a contract.

This key content is when the Sales Enablement strategy should be applied. Here lies the opportunity to show that Sales and Marketing are aligned behind a strong corporate brand. This is the moment where the right on-brand messaging has the power to close more deals, and land more prospects.

About the Digideck

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