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Introducing: Layout Manager

DIGIDECK brings the new era of customization to your team’s arsenal — boosting efficiency, consistency, and effectiveness for your organization.

Setting the Stage

DIGIDECK’s newest feature, Layout Manager, will unlock the full creative potential of your team with a flexible grid-based solution for building + customizing slides with everyday Components.

Component can be broken down into any element that is used to layout out a slide. A component can be described as an:

  • Image
  • Video
  • Text
  • Audio File
  • And more
Layout Manager B2B

The Scouting Report

For teams without a dedicated creative resource, Layout Manager is putting the power in your hands to design and lay out custom, bespoke content in a matter of minutes. Admin-level users can now create entire slides and presentations from scratch with “drag + drop” functionality of your components (i.e. text, image, video, audio files)

Sponsorship, Ticketing, and Executive Leaders can now create fully customized slides faster than ever with unrivaled ease-of-use delivering immersive experiences for your partners, season ticket holders, fans, investors, and more.

End Users/Presenters get the best branded assets quickly added to slides in the Master Deck to consistently tell the best story, in the best way possible without having to play “designer” or reinventing the wheel each time.

Designers can customize, perfect, and innovate the look, feel, and functionality of new slides in an interface that’s familiar + functional. With Layout Manager, they can build out advanced presentations with enhanced component functionality scaling the creative power of your organization overnight! 

Layout manager bridges the gap between your Design team, your Ticketing and Sponsorship Leaders, and your Sellers who are on the front lines each and every day—creating a cohesive, streamlined process for all of your presentation and proposal needs.

How Does Layout Manager Work?

Layout Manager works just like the apps that professionals are already using, like Canva, WordPress, etc.

Our latest launch has three parts:

  1. The Layout Manager Tab—where you can create new slides from scratch using your branded colors, fonts, and preferred layouts. 
  2. Components—the building blocks of your slides with elements like text, images, and videos to complete your slides.
  3. Component Library—where you choose what type of component you want. Once you have a few built, you can expedite the process by saving your best, branded Components.

Simple Walkthrough

  1. Once you turn on Layout Manager, Admins have access directly by clicking the + Add Slide button and opening the Layout Manager tab.
  2. From there, you can click Add Component to open the Component Library.
  3. After you’ve chosen what Component you want, the flexible grid loads it onto the slide.
  4. Resize, move, and load content into your Component, and when you’re satisfied with the look and feel, click save.

Infinite Possibilities Made Simple

Like your favorite integrated apps for Sales and Marketing, DIGIDECK’s Layout Manager + Components aren’t meant to be static. As our 400+ partners begin to build with Layout Manager, the database of the best creations can be shared, and live in an open Components store. 

Now with Layout Manager, your team is more efficient, effective, and productive at every stage of the sales journey.

The list of Components available in the Component Store is always going to be growing. Reach out, we can show you what we’re working on next, and you can let us know what’s on your wish list.

Your best presentation is yet to come. Get in touch with us to see how Layout Manager can help.

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