What is a Presentation Platform and Why You Need It

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Sales presentation tools better than PowerPoint are taking over — it’s about time businesses see why.

In the 1960s, you had two options to ship things: USPS + United Parcel Service (UPS). And, the country was doing just fine with these. But, in 1971, something came around that emphasized faster deliveries with a business focus:  The Federal Express (FedEx).

Nobody knew they needed it…Until they saw how others benefitted. It was faster, more efficient, and consistently gave businesses the upper hand. FedEx exists today because yes — it costs more — but the ROI is undeniable. Today, there are more packages in the air than anyone could have predicted. The blind spots in business shifted to more modern problems across sales + marketing. 

The Average Sales Team Struggles with:

If the tool you use for sales presentations, proposals and other meaningful content isn’t helping you, it’s hurting you. 

A Presentation Platform makes users more productive, effective, + consistent. By shortening the sales cycle, driving the right kind of engagement, and building iron-clad branding + messaging, users are accelerating revenue. They’re never going back to the “USPS” of sales presentations.

Productivity in Presentations

The average seller spends upwards of 15 hours/week building, editing, and formatting custom collateral. That’s 37.5% of their time, and sometimes — the edits don’t really help. 

We’ve all gotten used to this, but that doesn’t mean that should be industry standard. It’s proven that the first to respond to a prospect is statistically the first to get a yes. If the average seller has to take 3-4 hours to deliver a proposal, but you can deliver one in 15 minutes, your team is obviously going to close more deals over time.

A cloud-based Presentation Platform uses guided selling to make presentations in fewer clicks. By auto-populating customer info from a CRM like Salesforce, all the content customization a team needs is automated.

What is Presentation Efficacy?

A presentation that drives the sales cycle to closed-won has high efficacy. That efficacy depends on these factors:

  1. Engagement
  2. Content
  3. Convenience

A Presentation Platform helps across all three by creating a “web-like experience”. If it looks, feels, and loads like a top-tier website, it’s going to drive the results of a top-tier website. But the best part—it’s tailored to a singular audience and your singular purpose. Presentation Platforms let your audience experience a fully-customized walkthrough of your brand.

Scrollable, clickable content and seamless multimedia drive engagement.

Salesforce Analytics - Digideck Tracking

Analytics auto-generate the right content for the right client.

Digideck LIVE Video Chat and Messenger
With a single, sharable link for presenting, collateral, and videoconferencing (no more Zoom links), it’s the most convenient sales pitch they’ve ever attended.

Why Consistency is Key

A business always wants sellers to put out the best available. Doing this consistently can boost revenue for a company by 23% or more (inc.com)

Why do traditional slideshows make consistency so difficult? If messaging, branding, format + layout are all inconsistent, a business can’t know what’s working—and what’s not. At that point, any improvements are merely guesses (and, there’s no way to tell if everyone made the changes anyway).

Cloud-based presentations guarantee consistency. The best ones offer unlimited storage for slides, images, video, multimedia—anything you need. Sales + marketing leaders build that consistency when they get together to find the best-of-the-best and build out a stable of approved slides, messaging, and branding that can auto-populate presentations for sellers.

If there’s a change to branding—or new analytics show one slide’s a new high-performer, leaders can universally update any and all presentations with a couple of clicks. With consistent messaging + branding, businesses have a distinct advantage over the competition. The benefit: an ROI they wouldn’t see with traditional slideshows.

The Change Modern Business Needs

To date, there are 500,000,000 PowerPoint users. They’re all using the same templates, updating the same sales decks, and equipped with the same tools. Their links are disparate. collateral is unorganized and clunky to download. Their audiences have seen this all before.

FedEx is thriving. Their clients are too. They’re not going back to the USPS, and neither should you.

A Presentation Platform does cost more than a free app. But, it drives the results that the market’s been asking for. Adopters see an ROI that’s bigger than they thought—that comes faster than they expected. What kind can you expect? Get in touch today.


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